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Circuits of the Basic TV and What They Do - Part 3

How To: The Perfect TV for Your Room

Finding the right size TV for your room is easier than you might think. But picking the right resolution is just as important.

So Your LCD Monitor Went Black?

Do you have a LCD monitor that turns on but has no picture? Does it display for only a few seconds than go blank, or maybe it just turns off completely? I've been seeing this problem more and more and I find myself doing the same repair over and over again. Thats right, I'm talking about the power inverter.

Digital TV converter box coupons now available

With a year to go until analog TV broadcasts give way to digital, the federal government on Tuesday started mailing $40 discount coupons for digital converter boxes to consumers who requested them.

Do you need one? And if so, do you really need one now?

Only consumers with older analog TVs who get their programming solely over the air — not through cable or satellite service — will need to plug their rooftop antenna or pair of rabbit ears into a converter box.

Sony Convergence Repair(My Sony TV has a distorted picture)


There has been a large amount of chatter on Techlore about Sony convergence ic problems. Luckily Most Sony projection tv's no matter what model you have should be similar to my explanation below, Since Sony rarely fully re-engineers a tv what I am about to say will apply to most Sony projection TV's.  A service manual is generally not needed to perform the repair.

 WARNING! If you don't have any electronic experience this is not for you, I assume no liability for any harm that may come to you or your tv. Perform this procedure totally at your own risk. High Voltages exist in your tv and on the boards I am going to talk about, and can have high voltages on them even after the tv is unplugged.

What has happened to your tv:

Sony Convergence Procedure

Sony Convergence Procedure

Document version 1.1

( I Will update as needed and if errors are found, please let me know and I will issue an update)

Changing values in the service mode can cause your tv to malfunction, this text will only explain how to adjust the factory convergence. Before changing any other values make sure you know what you are doing.



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