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A new take on the traditional MP3 player. This has an FM tuner, holds either 256 or 512 MB, depending on which on eyou buy. Acts as a speaker system for other MP3 players. Has a rechargable battery and carrying case.

I got one for my husband to listen to while he works out in the garage, or whenever he doesn't want headphones. He had wanted a new clock radio and I thought this would be a nice step up from his last one. I don't know how good the sound is yet, but I will let you know.

No iPod Cases! How 'bout egrips?

First, and Mostly Bad, Impressions of My New iPod Video

Toshiba ships 40GB 1,8 inch HDD

Seems like Toshiba finally done it. They began shipping 40GB 1,8 inch HDD and later this year will sell a 80GB version. Of course they're using the Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), their own patent.
The 40GB HDD is allready in use by the new Toshiba Gigabeat F41 MP3 player which can store up to 10.000 songs in it's new belly.

My MP3 Player Won't Play WMA Files

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I have a 1GB Sandisk digital audio player. When I try to play my WMA files on it, they will not play. It will only play MP3 files. All of my songs on my player are from my CDs, so why won't my MP3 player play them? Why are some of them WMA and others MP3 files?

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