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Apple TV Take 2: Even Better than the First?

Apple recently released a major upgrade to its Apple TV software that sports a new interface as well as additional features; the most significant of which is movie rentals. They're offered in both standard definition and, in some cases, high definition.

The Novice's Guide To Audio Formats and File Extensions

Virtually everyone uses these various audio formats. Who hasn’t heard of iTunes or RealPlayer? Whether we realize it or not, this is good information for all of us to know. Let’s cover the basics, shall we?

My new SlingBoxPro on the road

So I finally broke down and bought a brand spanking new SlingBox.  The nice shiny red one arrived while I was at work (yes the spouse was asking, ok, what is in the box this time) and I got anxious to get home.  I was leaving a 3 days and wanted it live and running.

Exclusive First-Look at the NETGEAR EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HD

Ever wish you could show a digital photo slideshow on your 60" plasma display instead of your 14" laptop? How about watch your favorite YouTube videos without having to boot up your PC?  Oh, and before I forget, how about if it actually worked as promised out of the box, instead of requiring you to figure out a whole lot of new technology mumbo jumbo?

Sonos Update - it keeps on rocking!

I'm a big Sonos fan.  BIG.  Now granted, I don't really have the $ in the bank to truly afford it, but if I could pick any one home music system to buy, no holds barred, Sonos is it.  If you've never tried it, there's just something 'good' about the way it works.  It's super-easy to use, but it's more than that - it's actually pleasant to use.  For example, when you pick up the Controller (the remote control with LCD screen that lets you select music to play), it has a motion sensor inside to automatically turn on the screen.  Nice touch.



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