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Review of Dijit's NextGuide App for Apple iPad

I’ve never been much of a “TV person,” to be honest. Being that I’m not a big fan of scheduling my life around sitting in front of the big screen at a given time, it’s just never been practical for me. However, I’ve gradually integrated television into my digital life using a combination of tools that have been around for a while (TiVo), Internet-based streaming services (Netflix), and a method to discover what shows I want to watch.

NETGEAR's NTV200 Turns Your TV Into a Smart TV

I love streaming Internet content. In fact, I almost never watch broadcast TV or rent/buy physical movies--I purchase and watch everything online. Mostly with Netflix, but I use other services from time to time. I'm also a pretty active Pandora user. 

Lots of TV's that are being sold now are "smart" TV's, meaning that they have apps you can install which will allow you to watch Internet content. The problem is, naturally, that many of us don't own TV's that have these features. Perhaps you're like me and do most of your watching on a widescreen monitor rather than a full-blown television. 

Roku XD|S Review: 30 Days Hands-On with Roku's Top of the Line Streamer

It may be hard to believe, but not long ago, Roku was the only device that could stream TV shows and movies from Netflix. Unlike today, where just about every single device under the sun, from game consoles to mobile phones, help ensure that Netflix streaming accounts for a huge chunk of all web traffic.

ivi TV Review - Live Streaming TV Through the Internet

Seattle-based Ivi, recently unveiled a new online service which allows Internet users to watch live television broadcasts anywhere in the world.

Netflix and Microsoft: A Perfect Marriage or a Mistake in the Making?

Apple TV Take 2: Even Better than the First?

Apple recently released a major upgrade to its Apple TV software that sports a new interface as well as additional features; the most significant of which is movie rentals. They're offered in both standard definition and, in some cases, high definition.



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