Sonos Update - it keeps on rocking!

I'm a big Sonos fan.  BIG.  Now granted, I don't really have the $ in the bank to truly afford it, but if I could pick any one home music system to buy, no holds barred, Sonos is it.  If you've never tried it, there's just something 'good' about the way it works.  It's super-easy to use, but it's more than that - it's actually pleasant to use.  For example, when you pick up the Controller (the remote control with LCD screen that lets you select music to play), it has a motion sensor inside to automatically turn on the screen.  Nice touch.

Frankly, the product is all about 'nice touches' and that's why it's so great.  They've thought through what it takes to make the system work right.  Now they've introduced Sonos 2.0, and the new features make it even better.  I've had enough time to play with it, and put up a little review on the features that make this excellent product even better.


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