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Receiver not Decoding Multichannel Audio

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I was given a Sony STR-DA30ES receiver. There is a light that is supposed to light up when the unit is decoding a multichannel signal. I have the dvd player hooked to the the receiver through RCA cords (red ,white ,yellow). Do I need to use the coaxial from the DVD audio out to the receiver to get it work?

-submitted by zip

Ask the Experts: Where's the USB Jack on My Sony PSYC CD/MP3 Player?

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I purchased a Sony PSYC Atrac3plus MP3 player D-NE320. It came with software, which I installed successfully.

My problem is that I cannot connect the player to my computer. The only ports on the play are for the headphones and to electrical power. I cannot find any sort of USB port.

As for Firewire, I don't know anything about it. My computer has a NIC card but nothing, to my knowledge, relative to Firewire.

Ask the Experts: Computer Doesn't Properly Recognize My PDA

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I recently purchased a replacement battery for my iPaq 3650 on ebay. The battery is working great, however I can no longer sync with my laptop or desktop. It will not recognize that my PDA is there.

Windows XP finds the new hardware, but says it's a Compaq Aero. I don't understand. Please Help!

-submitted by messenger3dn

My Computer Keeps Hibernating

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I have a Sony desktop computer PCV-RZ30 and can not find out how to keep the computer from "hibernating" when I have to walk away from it for a while.

How can I stop the hibernating????

-submitted by Glenn Fulwiler

Ask the Experts: DVD Picture is Flipping

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I have a Koss DVD player, almost brand new, and with or without a disc in the picture flips nonstop!!!!!!!!!!!!it is driving me insane! Help!

-submitted by lindaida


Since we don't want you to lose your mind, here's some info that may help. There are 2 common reasons why this occurs, provided there is nothing wrong with the unit or your television:



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