Mitsubishi WD-52525 has a continuious blinking light

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I used to be active on this

I used to be active on this board and I would really suggest calling Mits and see if you can buy a new tv for like $400. Also Mits has a class action lawsuit against them for this exact reason. I love my new tv, I have now had it for 2 years, and the service guy was suppose to take my old tv but I talked him into leaving it here, then I fixed it by replacing the caps myself for $7....

I have a WD52725 with a

I have a WD52725 with a blinking orange status light, try to reset and I hear the tv power on and back off. Any ideas of what this could be would be greatly appreciated. I am pretty tech savvy so I would like to fix it myself if someone could point me in the right direction! TIA

Hi Larry, I have a mits DLP

Hi Larry, I have a mits DLP model WD-62525 I checked for bulging caps but they seem to be ok. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me some repair info if possible. Thanks in advance.

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Repair information can be

Repair information can be found in the technicians corner.

Wow after all of these years

Wow after all of these years people still say "Hi Larry". Joktay, I would go back and look for the Posts I made years ago( April/May 2010 as far as I can tell), the posts around that time should answer all of your questions and all of my info is still up on my page.

You could still try to call Mits and see if they will do something for you, but that ship may have sailed on, dunno. Even though the caps don't look blown, they may be. On mine I found my local tech was willing to sell me a rebuilt power board for cheap, that is where my problem was. I later fixed 2 other mits tvs for less than $20 by replacing caps myself.

I know what you mean I send

I know what you mean I send out the memo at least 10 times a week for people that start out with hi Larry.

Hello Larry ! marc here -

Hello Larry ! marc here - sorry to ask same thing but I also would like the info regarding the 52525 mitzubishi ... mine has a blinking yellow - but thats after I tore into it and checked the power board fuse and condition of the caps - all look good - and YES my filter door is off so i wil button that up ... but shudnt my lamp at least turn on ? or does it cycle on AFTER all connections are "made" and lastly - do the cooling fans have to be hooked up just for a quick test ? or will the computer not power up if it "senses" that they are not hooked up ? UGH ! thanks !! happy turkey day .... marc

Three days ago I was faced

Three days ago I was faced with the "Green Blinking Light of Death" on my Mitsubishi wide screen projector tv.  Refusing to bow dow to it, I faced the challenge of fixing it (Thanks, Larry for all of your posts!).  I spent $1.98 on 7 capacitors, took apart the tv myself, had the capacitors replaced and put it all back together.  As I anxiously awaited to see if this would work, I thought perhaps I might be shopping on Black Friday for a new tv (mine is 11 years old after all!).  Not so!  I plugged it in and voila!!!  My tv is working!  I feel like a super star (and my husband is so happy he doesn't have to buy a new tv!).  If I can fix this, anyone can!  :o)  ~Stacy

Jack W
I had my 52" hauled away 2

I had my 52" hauled away 2 years ago. It had a bunch of swelled caps. I replaced those and more but could never get it to work. Mits gave me a 60" for $600, tax and shipping included. I could not talk them down lower than that. I am surprised to see that people are still fooling with these things considering how cheap the LEDs are now. By the way, what ever happened to Larry?

Roni D
I replaced the capacitors on

I replaced the capacitors on the PWR board. I have not reinstalled it yet but was measuring the voltages at the test point on a bench(before I re-installed it and found other issues) I get the 6 and the 12 but the +15 and -15 are off. The +15 testpoint reads ~30 and the -15 ~6. Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn't these voltage be correct even if the board is not installed.

Sometimes it takes whatever

Sometimes it takes whatever that voltage is going to in order to send it the correct amount, feedback circuit .

I have a 51" Sony floor model

I have a 51" Sony floor model will not turn on standby light blinks 6 times. Please help

A model number would help in

A model number would help in diagnosing your tv.

hola, yo compre l misma tv y

hola, yo compre l misma tv y la falla es la misma, podrian enviarme informacion a mi correo y muchas gracias si es que me leen ya que estoy en el 2013
saludos desde mexico
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OK now you have to replace

OK now you have to replace the four caps on the digital board they are rate if I remember correctly 1000uf at 35 volts and per Mits use 850UF at 35 Volts. Check the board next to it as well it has the same four caps. / they buldge at the top.

I have the WD-52525 with the

I have the WD-52525 with the continous blinking light, and could use these repair documents please. thank you

I have a WD 62 that stopped

I have a WD 62 that stopped working when I put in a new lamp. I'm assuming the caps could've went. It's been stored 2 yrs..and the screen and cabinet are like new. I wont take the time to fix it. I live about 30 miles north of Detroit..if anyone wants to have a go at it...let me know. Otherwise I'm taking it out to the curb next Monday night.
email me at [email protected]

Oh boy....came here oh...

Oh boy....came here oh....maybe a year or so ago and got some very good info about how to change the capacitors which actually made a huge difference with my Mitsubishi 52525. We've been watching this set all this time and for some reason the other night it just went black and the green light started to blink. I'm thinking that it must not be the capacitors as they were replaced with the larger one when we fixed our red light blinking problem way back when. This is a mystery to us and we actually unplugged it several times and even tried to reset it by using a pen to stick where it says to reset...nothing seems to work. Each time we plug it back in all we get is that dreadful quick blinking green light. Does anyone know what my next step should be at this point? My e-mail addy is [email protected] if anyone has any info that can be e-mailed. Thanks so much for all this help we get here.

Try downloading the manual to

Try downloading the manual to your model and go through the troubleshooting section. Manuals can be found in the resources tab.

Actually we do have all of

Actually we do have all of the manuals and did look through them. That's how we determined that trying the reset might help but it didn't. Just thought there might be something else that someone might point us towards. Like I said, upgrading the capacitors to the larger size has helped for a few years. It did seem strange that all of a sudden the screen went black and the green light started blinking. I would have thought that maybe the bulb may have been the issue but that would be a red blinking light no? Very stange.

I would suggest you look at

I would suggest you look at my info.

or you could try metering out the caps again... Just because you changed them once and with bigger caps, doesn't mean they won't blow again, it will just be less likely

I have a broken WD52525 and 3

I have a broken WD52525 and 3 new working bulbs if anyone is interested in parts.

Kevin C
Hello I have a Mitsubishi WD

Hello I have a Mitsubishi WD-52525 dlp I had a issue with the control panel a few yrs back and had it replaced. All is well until a few months ago I started to notice the color on people's faces began to turn a light green/yellow while watching it. Any thoughts would be very helpful and if you could please email me a service Manuel as well!. Thanks so much in advance


Hello all. I have justgotten
Hello all. I have justgotten a MIT's wt 52525 for free but of course it has the green blinking light problem. If someone could send me the instructions on how to fix it. I would be most appreciated. We had a house fire so I'm not looking to buy a new TV yet.
I Have A rca 2005 model
I Have A rca 2005 model 32v550t and it didn't come with a remote and it is locked by parental control how do I factory reset so I can watch the tv please help someone
I have a mitsubishi dlp 73
I have a mitsubishi dlp 73 inch TV # WD-73740. I first noticed some fuzziness going on and a few dark spots while watching. The TV then turned off. Now when I turn the TV on, the status light blinks green for a few mins then goes off. I'll then turn the TV back on, to a solid green light with no picture. The green light will stay solid for about 3 mins then turn to a solid red. Looking for sigustions on what the issue could be. TV is about 5 years old. I was gonna change the caps but not sure what ones. I did a visual inspection, didnt notice any issues with them. Not sure how to test them.



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