Mitsubishi WD-52525 has a continuious blinking light

Hey Larry,  is this my DM Board, I have a Model # WD52525

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HI I have a WD- 62725 with a

HI I have a WD- 62725 with a little different timer bilking issue.

After replacing every cap in this set ( not the surface mount type)It ran for a couple of months but had to unplug it and reboot every time after shutdown.

Now the DM looks like it boots ( timer flashing for a min or so ) then a pause for a few seconds gives a flash 3 times, another pause for about a minute. Then a reboot and does this over and over again.

I have again replaced all caps no change. Unplug the FC connector, still attempts reboots. Standby power supply all are present at the test points. I disconnected the front switches could still hear the clicks rebooting hopping the power switch.

I am not 100% sure but after about an hour of rebooting I think it does flash starts its continuous condition.

A little stuck on this one. I keep a couple CRT RPT and a couple DLP set running. Don't ya love a big family?

Thanks I don?t know what I would do without this group.
I know ( spend a ton of $$$$)

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posted my question in wrong

posted my question in wrong thread.
Can someone please email repair instructions for my WD62725.

Thanks in advance

Kevin Sweeney
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Hello Larry,

Hello Larry,
I hope you are still with this forum. I also have a WD52525 that I need to pull the DM board on. Any instructions you can send me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
kevin Sweeney

Lori clater
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Hello Larry,

Hello Larry,
I am also having a problem with the green flashing timer light can you please send me an manual on how to repair this issue. it will be greatly appreciated!!
my e-mail is

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So get this.

So get this.
Awhile back... I installed new caps (12 1000uf 16v caps), installed the FC connector switch and got the tv working. Bought a new lamp at the same time cuz the current lamp was going. Everything was great for about 8months or so.

Then, poof. Bglod is back. Checked out the caps i replaced, they look good however two caps on the power supply were bulged. A 3300uf cap, and a 1500uf cap were bulged @ the top. Replaced them and no luck. Still blinks. Even when the FC connector is pulled I cannot get this system to stop blinking. Sigh.

I remember reading somewhere (maybe here) that if pulling the fc connector didn't stop the blinking then to direct your attention to one specific board/component on that board...

Also, wasn't there a website that was selling a complete repair kit for this issue?

any help out there would be awesome

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Just because there´s no

Just because there´s no buldge doesn´t mean they aren´t bad..  unless you tested them.  FC is the FMT board right..  Don´t have a schematic in front of me.. but if that´s true, I believe the DM board would be the next culprit.  I had the same problem on fixing the boards, and the disconnection of the connector didn´t work.. so I sold off all the parts as scrap and broke the TV down into parts and trashed it.  (Proper recycle of PC boards).  Kept the mirrors since I thought they were kind of cool.  LOL

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I have a Mitsubishi 52" I

I have a Mitsubishi 52" I think it's the WD-52525 I have replaced the lamp and turn the power back on to the TV, and the green timer light blinks for a minute and then I turn the TV on. I get audio but no video. After a couple more minutes the TV shuts down (no more audio and the fan stops running) the red lamp light goes on. I have tried the reset button, I have pushed the format and guide button at the same time. I have hit the enter button on the remote several times after the power up just in case it was asking if I had replaced the bulb and did I want to reset it. I also have to turn power off to the TV and back on before I can get TV to turn on again. The place I got the lamp from said I had to reset the lamp timer. I can't find how to do that in the owners guide other than the 2 previously mentioned resets that I did. Help me please.

Lost in WD-52725
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I have a Mitsubishi WD-52725

I have a Mitsubishi WD-52725 and have had the DMD device repaired. Then I got the red flashing light. Using my service manual found our it was lamp and or DMD fan. Purchase them from MITs and replaced. Worked for 5 minutes. Got red lights again. This time lamp ballast & exhause fan. Question I know where 4 fans are but in my service manual there are 5. Can you tell me where the 5 th fan is hiding. The schematic shows only 4 fans but the parts list shows 5. Any help would be appreciated.

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Good Morning Larry,

Good Morning Larry,

I have the Mitsubishi WD 62527. My blinking light just started about a week ago and i would like to know how to fix the DM board. Please send me the information on repairing the board to thanks 

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hello i have a mit wd52525

hello i have a mit wd52525 and i have a blinking green light can someone send me info to help thanks

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I have a Mitsu WD-52525 that was given to me by a friend when he was going to toss it after the second board replacement failed. I pulled the power supply board and replaced the 4 1000mfd 16v (bulged) and 2 3300mfd 10V (not bulged) caps (same specs as original) and reinstalled.

The TV won't power up and I get a rapid clicking from the board. I pulled the board again, connected power and checked voltages at the test points. The TP6VS, TP12VS, and TP30VS are all within a few tenths of the listed voltages. TP15+V is at 24.9 and TP-15V is at .57 and TP12V, TP10V, TP5V, and TP3.3V are all at zero.

I also checked fuses F9D00, and F9A01-09 with a multi-meter set to resistance and all read less than one ohm so I presume they are all ok.

Not having a schematic, I'm stuck with chasing down where the failure is. I'm hoping that you have a bit of guidance for me.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
ghopper at

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Hi Larry,

Hi Larry,

Any chance I can get the power board fix instructions for the Mit. WD52525. I have the majority of the chassis apart, but can't figure out how to get the board. I'm good from there.... just need to get in. Thanks!

Lost in WD-52725
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Fan is inside the power

Fan is inside the power supply.
It is not monitored like the other 4.
I had the same problem, replace all 4 fans and now working for 2 weeks and no problem.

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Hi Larry, Just realized that

Hi Larry, Just realized that I forgot to put in my email address. If you could send the capasitor fix instructions to, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you. Jerry

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Hi Larry,

Hi Larry,

I have the Mitsubishi WD 52525. My timer light is blinking green and will no longer power on. I would like to know how to fix the DM board. Please send me the information on repairing the board to chris at imangia dot net Thanks.

P.s. Is this really worth it?

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I also have the WD 52725. Can

I also have the WD 52725. Can anybody please send me the procedure on how to remove the DM board? Your help is also badly needed. Vincent? Sammy? Jim? Anything would be greatly appreciated

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My Mit. WD52525 won't power

My Mit. WD52525 won't power light just keeps blinking...seems this is a common problem with this model...what needs to be fixed or replaced? btw, before the tv shut off, there was a horizontal streak when the unit gets warmed up...any tips and suggestions will be highly appreciated...thanks, normC.

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I just wanted to say thank

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum who has posted limitless amounts of info on repairing this problem. About 2 weeks ago I encountered the blinking green light of death, and via all the help on this forum was able to diagnose the problem and repair it.

I will say to anyone looking to undertake this, it is not easy, but considering you can spend less then $10 on caps and fix this yourself, instead of spending a few hundred to have a tech do the labor, even if Mits will cover the cost of parts to get you a new set of boards.

After having resolved most of the problems with the TV I had, and spending countless hours tinkering with it to get it to work right, I'd be more then willing to help anyone else who has this problem. I will suggest reading through a lot of the forum posts. I probably read 70% + of this thread just to get all the info before starting to work on the TV, and the best overall resource I've seen of information is available from one of the members on here at. http:/

Once you've looked and read most of the info available out there about these TV's, feel free to message me and ask me what ever questions you have and I'll try to help you as best I can.

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Larry can you please send me

Larry can you please send me a copy of the manual repair for this tv model. I would

appreciate this very much thank you Lou.

Email  =

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Hey Larry, you seem to know

Hey Larry, you seem to know what this green blinking light is all about on the WD-52525. I just had a short power outage and the set won't turn back on. It just does the continuous green blink. Suggestions?

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Ok, I have a Mitsubishi Tv 57

Ok, I have a Mitsubishi Tv 57" wd 57733, The Tv is now only 3 yrs old, we got this from Champion Rent to Own, we did this because we purchased the insurance while we were "renting to own". When we did the Rental agreement the TV was brand new when we got it. Anyways we have already replaced the Lamp and Now we have white dots all over the screen with black dots that are rapidly turning into white dots. I have contacted mitsubishi, they told me to pay for the service call, which I did and it needs a new opitcal engine which is another DEFECT in their crappy tvs. I loved the Tv until everything started going wrong with it and it really bothers me that I paid so much for the tv and now they are dicking me around because the optical engine costs $1300.. anyone know what I can do to get them to help me.. anyone with any input email me I have told mitsubishi id pay for labor if they supplied the part...

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I have a WD-52525 got the

I have a WD-52525 got the BGLOD and replaced 1000uf caps on the PWR, DM, and FMT boards, and the bigger caps on the PWR board as well (2200uf? 3300uf? I forget at this point). Some were bulging/popped/some not , but all got replaced: Still had the BGLOD.

Installed the switch on the orange 6v line on the FC connection on the FMT board as suggested numerous times. The set powers up. Blue screen is fine, menus are fine.

Any video through the inputs is scrambled with no audio. It stabilizes somewhat when I move around the switch/wires that I have routed through the back of the case, but I never get audio.

This happens with DTV, Component 1 , Component 2, and the HDMI inputs (haven't tested others).

Any idea what could have gone wrong?

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Larry please send me the

Larry please send me the repair manual for the mit 52525 tofix the blinking green light. Thanks.

tony alcala
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hola buenos dias larry tengo

hola buenos dias larry tengo una tv modelo wd_52525 y no presnde loso se hoye el bolumen y luego seva el bolumen y se prende un foquito q dise lapara si pudieras ayugarme telo agradeseria mucho grasias

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Larry ya no esta con nosotros
ubaldo luciano
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Hi LArry Dillon i were watch

Hi LArry Dillon i were watch on of televisiom normally but past night in the follow day the television it was blinking green light when its off i push the from front panel the power timer the television only wait 30 seconds then start again blinking green light. i hope its the same problem with the Dm or el power suply

i waiting fot you answear


thanks a lot

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We had to change our Mitsubishi tv lamp 3 times in 6 years. Now it is out of warrenty and two be months the red blinkin light probmem started again so we assumed that it was the lamp problem again. We bought a new lamp online and tried to fit it in but it did not work so we called an tv repair comp; they came and tried the new lamp and it still did not work so they figured that it was some other promblem and they took the tv to tbier workshop. A couple of days latter they said it was the power supply problem, another few days latter they say its not the ps prob but the balast so at the end of two weeks they returned the tv charged us for a new ps but only repaired the balast. Now a months latter the tv turned off and red light blinking. We called the repair vuy again assuming it was the same prob they came after 4 days and when switched on the tv worked just fine and continued workinf for the next two days. Again the tv shut off and red light blinking. Switchin it on and off does not work. We tried replacing the the lamp and it just wont work. We dont want to call the repair guys again. Can you please help with instructions or manualsmore on wat to do next . We are in a fix and need help.

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The repair guy could have

The repair guy could have checked for errors by pressing and holding the menu and input buttons on the tv. As much money as you have put into it you would be better off getting a new tv, one thats not a digital light processing-DLP.

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Caps in the power supply are

Caps in the power supply are bad and there are diodes on the digital board that go bad. With a subing of digital board and looking at the caps on both digital and main as well as the power supply. I could not say. Red led blinking and do you get the green blinking led for at least 70 seconds? when first pluged in.

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2 diode on the fmt can cause

2 diode on the fmt can cause this with the caps



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