Mitsubishi WD-52525 has a continuious blinking light

Hey Larry,  is this my DM Board, I have a Model # WD52525

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Aren't they the ones who

Aren't they the ones who never came out to look at the tv before saying it was dead? If they are I would call Mits and complain about them and then have someone else come out....
And then try

Larry Dillon
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then try what please finish

then try what please finish your thoughts man!!
Larry D.

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IDK Larry! ROFLMAO! Sorry I

IDK Larry! ROFLMAO! Sorry I have young'ens with cell phones that txt A LOT. I pick up their bad habits sometimes.

Aevans- No, a service company that Mits recommended would not make the trip out. It was a dealer or "store" that I bought the original tv from that said Mits would send them to do the swap and I could not keep the old unit.

Not that it will do any good, but I will complain about both. Mits has actually been the easiest to deal with, other than I sometimes can't understand their rep.

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Larry or anyone that can help

Larry or anyone that can help,
After endless searching and reading I come to you. My problem is a little different and want to see what you recommend. Here is my exact problem...
I have a mitsubishi ws-65611 projection tv and up until a few days ago, it was working perfectly. When I went to turn the set off, none of the controls were working. Neither remote or set box buttons were being accepted. I then went ahead and turned off manually by unplugging. Since then I have not been able to get the set back on. I have tried the reset on the front of set and pulled power cord out repeatedly and the only thing that happens is that the green light on front controls flashes for about a munute and goes out... then wont power on.

Thanks for your anticipated help... my email is

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Maybe whatever the ir and

Maybe whatever the ir and buttons go through...

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I have a 52526 and the tv

I have a 52526 and the tv powers down. Tv works but will turn off and the light will turn red and stay red until I unplug the TV. Service code 44 DVI cable between Format and Engine disconnected. It sometimes will work for 3+hours lately only 30min and seems like it needs to cool after powering down. Any Advice?

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Hi Larry, could you send me a

Hi Larry, could you send me a fix for the Blinking light issue? Thank you so much in advance!

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Supracat you could also get

Supracat you could also get all the information yourself at my share site...

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Hi all - Here's an update of

Hi all - Here's an update of my status.....

Mits sent a local tech guy out. He confirmed the problem and wrote up the report/estimate. Mits don't make the replacement boards anymore so the tech guy would have to repair the boards....I think he'll just replace the caps etc.

Mits gave us two options: 1) They will pay for half of the cost to repair 2) We pay the full cost of repair and Mits will send a replacement TV. It's a new TV with standard warranty.

Mits wants cashier check or money order only. They don't take credit cards....I'm thinking with credit cards you may have built-in extended warranty?
Mits also insisted that they want the TV back.

I'm going to have work some extra hours to come up with the money. They said they'd send the new TV out as soon as they receive our money.

I recommend that if you have the problem to call Mits even if it's out of warranty.
They need to know how crappy their TV's are!!!

Hey I just want to say THANKS to Aevans0001 for the idea to call Mits!! you opened a new door for us sir!!
Also THANKS to Larry for trying to help me fix this (fortunately I didn't have time to do mess with it yet).

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How much is the repair cost?

How much is the repair cost? Can you give me the telephone number you called please? Thanks and best of luck, FREAKIN MITSU... should have known their cars aren't so hot either.

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I heard repair costs could be

I heard repair costs could be around $800+. That doesn't even include the service repair man coming out which could be up to $90+. If I were going this route, I would do the trade and get a new TV. This model is not worth paying to repair.
I've pretty much given up on the repair and not planning on doing the trade since $900 can go towards a better TV than a DLP. Never again Mitsubishi..

Note: The cap and switch method doesn't work on all TVs. Apparently my DM board has issues, my TV Repair man coworker has told me. Probably scrap out the parts to get some $ back since he told me that my Format and Power Supply boards look fine. Bummer.

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1-800-332-2119, extension 5 for Customer Relations Rep

It was a little bit over $500.
Mits will contact a Mits authorized service tech in your local area. Whatever the amount the service guy gives you is what Mits will go by.

One possible thing to try (which I didn't) was to get a couple quotes - and go with the lowest one.

It really doesn't cost Mits anything....the new TV is at-cost for them which their "insurance and public relations" fund should cover them; and they probably sell your broken TV to the local service shop to recover some cost.

The shop fixes it up and sells it as refurb to the next victim....would be my guess. their cars are of the same "quality" as their car too, eh?
I'll that in mind next time I need a new car......

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Yeah I would never own a Mits

Yeah I would never own a Mits car....

Yeah my new tv cost 457... Mits does nothing with the old tv, the Tech is suppose to dispose of it, but alot don't, they fix them and seel either the chasis or hey sell the whole tv. The new tv has no seriel number (this is what Mits wants back, nothing more)....

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I see they have the 738

I see they have the 738 series on their web site now... Hopefully the 838's will be out soon. Getting tired of watchin the "spare" tv.

@ Victim, what did you deal for? The 738 & 838 TV's are the new models they should be replacing yours with.

walter h
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larry, i have a wd52725 with

larry, i have a wd52725 with the green blinking light. could you please send me the information to replace the capacitors? thanks

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Larry, I also have a wd52525

Larry, I also have a wd52525 with the green blinking light. could you please send me the information.

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Hi Larry,

Hi Larry,

I also have the WD-52525 Model and have had the blinking light issue...previously I was just able to unplug the tv and do a system reset, but that is no longer working. Can you please send me the directions to fix this to I have the back cover of the TV removed etc, but from there I'm stumped as to what I need to do next.

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hi i am having problems with

hi i am having problems with my mitsubishi wd-52525 and i wanted to see if yall could send me the manual for the fix

thanks much appreciated

my email is

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If you just read page 63 in this forum all the files you need will be listed. Also have you called Mits yet?

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i dont have the money for the

i dont have the money for the repairs which is about 500 dollars plus so im only option is to try to repair it myself.  also i looked on page 63 but i did not find the files

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@Aevans0001 ..where on this

@Aevans0001 ..where on this page (63) are the files that you are referring to as being listed to fix the problem? My issue is I'm not sure which piece I need to take out of the TV (where is the actual DM board at?). I guess I will also give Mitsu a call, but I only had a 5 yr warranty (2 of which was with Tweeter who is now out of business, but I've had the TV for around 6 yrs now.

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@ Peter and Chris

@ Peter and Chris

Quote: "Supracat you could also get all the information yourself at my share site..."

This is the largest amount of info gathered in one place that I was able to find. Look Specifically for the Service Manual with the Schematics.

Look back maybe the last 5-10 pages and read what i went through. The new tv is awesome (So far) and my old tv works again...


Call Mits.
Mine was also out of warranty.

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@ Aevans

@ Aevans

Well, I also got to keep my old tv. You were right, they (a local repair shop) called and said they were coming to pick it up and I asked to keep it. He pulled the tag off he back and said "it's scrapped"....A friend and I will attempt to fix. We will be visiting your site..
Still no word on the new TV (838)... Guess I'll be waiting till July.

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I also have blinking pile of

I also have blinking pile of junk could you send this repair info to me also. Thanks

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Congrats! You may want to open it up and look at the power board... If you see a blown cap replace it.... If not then check all other boards.... If you see nothing or if fter you replace the caps it still doesn't work, call the tech who was suppose to take it and see if he will sell you what ever board you think you need... I needed a power board and bought it from my tech for $40

@everyone else.

I will not be responding to any more of these Please send me the info. Larry Dillon only comes here every once in awhile and probably doesn't have time to be sending these out all the time. I have posted on the last 5 pages the info to get the manual and schematics and alot more info....

For the last time

big bob
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i have repaired my Mitsubishi

i have repaired my Mitsubishi wd 52525 before for failure of c9a51 and c9a52 also c9a37 cpa38 and c9a41. I am a electronic tek now working for thr phone co. spent 15 yaers with Raytheon doing radar repair. So i am not lack experience but very little tv work. i now have a failure of c9a41 as i am loosing interest in continued repairs is their any other caps i should be looking at while i again have the set apart ???

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Geez, great read but long. I

Geez, great read but long. I have a WD-52725 and have had TV repaired for bad board two years ago.

Now when I power up I get this: Steady green, light on in left vent(sometimes blue screen, sometimes stays black), then shuts off after about thiry seconds. rapid blinking green light for several seconds, then off. Error code is 1-2 (no error).

I am curious, is this the same process to BLOD others are experiencing, or does the fact my TV powers to steady green for thirty seconds mean something different? I am trying to decide if I should replace power board first, then on to caps (the thought being when they replaced board two years ago, maybe caps were already fixed).

Ahh well, I will just cross fingers and replace all caps and add FC switch per earlier post. Can anyone direct me to x725 specific docs? encartx at TIA

Thanks for all advice. This seems to be a terrific community.

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All of them... Not kidding

@ Colinas
Did you follow the directions on the last 2 pages... Call Mits first
Then if that fails go to my share page... Which is posted ont he last 2-5 pages

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Hi I'm new to this and I have

Hi I'm new to this and I have a WD 62525 with the same problems flashing green light something in the back is trying to turn on and the speakers are making noises to. It's pretty continuous. Can somebody please help? My email is Any help is appreciated thanks in advance

meeky moose
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wondering if the repair

wondering if the repair instructions can be sent to me as well, model wd-52525
blinkin green light of death :(



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