KP-46WT520 9 Blinks

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The diode is located on the

The diode is located on the right side of a small power transformer, on the smaller board all the way to the left. The diode will have a purple band on it the power cord goes on this board.

In all the tv's that i have fixed for this issue you only need to replace d6301 only, use the following part number for the diode 6-500-567-21

the diode will check good, the old diode will still function. The problem is with the zero crossing sense circuit, the diodes forward biasing characteristics change which prevents proper detection of the ac zero crossing point, this is the point that sony will start the power on sequence for the television. This is important to prevent the switch mode power supply from surging the television. so if it cannot sense this point the micro will stop the power on sequence.

I can find the number d6301

I can find the number d6301 on the chassis, but there's no diode present.
it's a board called G2A and has a number 1-871-504-11.

That is strange! Are you sure

That is strange! Are you sure, did someone remove it ? Check the bottom of the board to see if the solder holes are open or soldered over, if they are open someone removed the diode.



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