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What to do with an old laptop...

I had an old cruddy laptop laying around that I never used. I was always trying to find a use for it, too. Then I read an article in Computer Power User about creating a picture frame out of an old laptop. I decided to give it a go. Turns out it's not too tough....

The specs on my old laptop are: 15" screen running at 1024x768, PIII 450, 512 MB RAM, 12 GB hard drive. It was once a good machine but now it's pretty much a slug. So I first loaded it up with software: I installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Service Pack 2, and removed all the unnecessary garbage like Automatic Updates, prompts to upgrade security settings, etc. Then, I found a slideshow program that would generate an executable slideshow file and I put a shortcut to it in my Startup folder.

Gadget Classics - Sony 60 CD changer stereo

I have had a Sony 60 CD changer/ shelf stereo system for about 3 years now. (I dream of the 400 cd changer I saw at best buy.)

This is one of my favorite toys. I like the fact that all of my cd's are centrally stored in the system so that I don't have to go looking for them. It is easy to flip through and see what I want to play. I can hook my DVD player or video game system up to it for better sound. You can even connect a keyboard to it to add information on the CD's.

review of the motorola V220

Xbox complaint

A little thing really.... The DVD player remote should be optional. We lose remotes all the time. (only to find them later, under the sofa, in the cushions, in the fridge)

The sony playstation will let you play DVD's using the controlers.... Microsoft would never let you do something that simple or FREE.


Almost Done

The entertainment center is almost finished. Everything's plugged in through my new monster power center. My tower is back together, containing my new DirecTV receiver, which is now hooked up to my Media Center. Many of the TV's beautifully-digital inputs are happily occupied. I've watched parts of The Matrix and The Incredibles, and played hours of Dungeon Siege. Only a few tasks remain...

What do you watch?

When it comes to television, I almost don't belong here. I haven't had an antenna hooked up in over a year (with an exception for the Super Bowl, which I didn't watch). I don't have cable. I don't have satellite.

I do have a TV (4 in fact, 3 are dedicated to video game systems)

My tv is in front of my treadmill. Until recently, I had the freedom pass at Blockbuster. I liked it, no late fees, up to 3 movies out at any time, Just under $30.00 per month.

I recently switched over to Blockbuster online. I like to watch some TV shows, but since I work second shift I miss the shows I want to watch. The nice thing about blockbusters online service is that they have all the TV series I wanted to watch and missed.

So I have it set up with up to 5 movies out at any time, and as soon as I send one back, I get another.



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