Gadget Classics - Sony 60 CD changer stereo

I have had a Sony 60 CD changer/ shelf stereo system for about 3 years now. (I dream of the 400 cd changer I saw at best buy.)

This is one of my favorite toys. I like the fact that all of my cd's are centrally stored in the system so that I don't have to go looking for them. It is easy to flip through and see what I want to play. I can hook my DVD player or video game system up to it for better sound. You can even connect a keyboard to it to add information on the CD's.

I really love the CD changer. This was not a very expensive system (under 200) and I would reccommend it highly for teenagers. (My kids keep trying to convince me to upgrade my stereo system because they want it.) I won't go back to a 3 or 5 cd system. My next step up will be seperate components, and wireless speakers so that I can wire my house and back yard to work with it. Unfortunately, I just can't earn enough to keep up with all the toys I wish I could buy....



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