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First 1080p DVD player?

Seems like the Marantz DV9600 DVD player is the first to deliver 1080p high definition video signal. There are a few HD projectors on the market that could make a good team with this one like Fujitsu LPF-D711 ( The Marantz player also converts the DVD standard images into 720p and 1080(i or p; doesn't say) HD quality which is pretty interesting.
Only 2100$ (ouch!)
All the specs are here:

Dell Axim 50v and Windows Mobile Five. Ugh.

Dell came through and dropped the promised WM5 upgrade (code named Magneto) in my mailbox, a month late but there it was. I held off doing any upgrading for a personal-record three hours.

I had already known that the upgrade would be bumpy and I had to pay close attention to the warnings throughout the CD readmes. First among all? Your current Dell backup of your Axim will NOT restore to WM5. This sucked, for a variety of reasons:

  1. backing up data was now a manual process using either "Explore" from your ActiveSync connection or copying to a CF/SD card, assumingyou had space

  2. Microsoft and Dell both knew that the upgrade was coming, and had enough time to roll even a one-off data import utility to get that backup restored into WM5 properly

Hey, where ya been?

Flew into West Palm Beach, stayed with relatives in Boynton Beach. Hurricanes aren't a lot of fun in Florida: power is down and sewer pump stations are failing all the time. Got milk? You're a rarity. Publix can't keep enough milk stocked and I wonder if people are drinking it or hoarding it.

The local newspapers cover the situation much better than national media. I suppose the obligatory tech entry here is: use Google's News feature to find out about a subject. It scans local papers and offers more coverage than CNN or FoxNews or BBC News will ever bring to you (eletronically).

Another T from Sony

Here you go! Another slimline Sony digital camera.
DSC-T9 looks just like T7 but has 6MP instead of 5MP. Same 3x Carl Zeiss lens but 58MB of internal memory. My call is that in this department Sony learned from Samsung Digimax i5, and from my experience those internal MB are very welcome.
Sony sais that T9 is the first (in the slimline category to offer both Super Steady Shot optical image stabilization and high light sensitivity (ISO 640)).
450$ is a very nifty price if you consider to buy a sexy small foto genius in your pocket to impress the girls.
Comes in black and silver and you can preorder it from

Just like in the airport

Well how about this EZ Faucet? It transforms your usual contact sink into a perfectly clean wash. It has an infrared sensor that senses your hands or whatever crosses it's "viewing" path and turns on the water. Just like in the airport faucets. I actually read the manual of this thing and it sais you can adjust the temperature and pressure of the water so we're all set. In about 5 minutes with a not so fancy wrench included in the package.
Only 70$ at smarthome. If it really works you can call yourself a washing hi-tech freak.
I just imagine a curious pet that has a really crazy surprise walking by the sink.

Watching my TiVo the World Over



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