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How HD-DVD Could Win the Format War

I've been following the format war between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc since the days when each was on the drawing board. For the record, I'm not choosing sides in this debate, nor am I recommending that anyone buy into either option. Each format brings HD quality movies and advanced playback features to the table. In my mind, that makes them both good. However, mass adoption of either simply won't happen until one of two things occurs:

Find Great Deals on This Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the Black Friday of online shopping. The Thanksgiving holiday is over, the mad rush to pick up bargains at stores the day after and over the weekend has passed, and everyone is back to work. Online retailers know their day is Monday, and it's the best day of the year to find super deals on just about anything... especially tech products.

The brick-and-mortar dealers like Circuit City and Best Buy have their websites primed with deals, and the major online folks like NewEgg, J&R, and Amazon are offering deep discounts on the hottest tech. If you missed the Black Friday rush, or didn't get everything you wanted, some crazy deals are still to be had.

The Black Friday Survival Guide - 12 'Must Know' Tips For the Black Friday Shopper

You’ve seen the ads, heard the hype, and have found some Black Friday deals too good to pass up. If you’ve decided to take the early Friday morning plunge after your scrumptious Thanksgiving meal, you’ll need to do a little prep work. After all, Black Friday shopping isn’t like your average trip to the mall. It’s more like a competition… you versus every other deal seeker in the area.

The experienced Black Friday shopper knows the routine: forget about sleep the night before, find a warm coat, grab some coffee, pick up the baseball bat, realize you’re going shopping and put down the baseball bat, get in the car, and get in line. It seems simple enough, but the Black Friday experience can be overwhelming to the long line newcomer.

HTC and AT&T Release Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for 8525

AT&T has been promising a free upgrade to 8525 owners for quite some time. The wait has been painful for most, causing upheaval and endless complaining in the AT&T user forums. The elusive update, originally promised to be in Q3, seemed like it would never hit.

It may not be Q3 anymore, but 8525 owners should still rejoice. HTC made the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade available for download on their site this morning, ending the wait once and for all. 8525 owners can get upgrade instructions and the download here.

Crazy Tech Project: The $25 Garage Entertainment System - Part 3

At the end of part 2, I had just finished hunting down and grabbing the major pieces for the $25 Garage Entertainment System. With a few twists here and there, including the addition of a dedicated Media PC for the garage thanks to a "free" find at a yard sale, the $25 Garage Entertainement System was finally starting to come together. If you haven't yet read parts 1 or 2, go check that out before you continue:

Part 1:



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