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Crazy Tech Project: The $25 Garage Entertainment System - Part 2

At the end of part 1, I had just finished scoping what would inevitably be the $25 Garage Entertainment system, quite a challenge given the requirements I decided on. If you haven't yet read part 1, go check that out before you continue:

Crazy Tech Project: The $25 Garage Entertainment System - Part 1

I mentioned long ago that when I get bored, I do some crazy things. The latest in my (what my better half calls "crazy") tech projects was to solve one of my home's deficiencies... no entertainment in the garage. Seriously, for the common man the garage is a temple. It's a place where guys go to be guys, and do things like work on cars, watch the game, play darts, smoke cigars, and any number of other things. In our case as townhome dwellers, it's a common area for lots of other things, like when we light up the outdoor fireplace in the driveway with the neighbors or even do a cookout and eat outside.

News That Made Me Smile: The Return of M&K Sound

For those who know a little about my background, I spent well over 10 years in electronics sales at a variety of places. Of those, my job at a high end audio/video retailer and installer was where I got to eat, breathe, and practically swim in home theater equipment... definitely my favorite segment of the consumer electronics industry. I'll save that piece on why I love home theater so much for another day, but I will share with you the best news I've heard in months... M&K Sound is supposedly coming back.

When Is the Right Time to Buy? - Holding Off on the Latest Gadget

It's happened to everyone... that gut-wrenching, horrifying feeling you get when the shiny new gadget you JUST bought a month ago drops in price or is replaced by something better. Look at iPhone owners. You can't tell me those that picked up 8GB iPhones at $599 didn't feel a bit used when Apple lowered the price to $399 only 2 months after it was launched. Sure, that $100 in-store credit helped soften the blow, but no doubt everyone probably wishes they had waited those few months before buying.

Dish Network Purchases Sling Media

This just in from the "out of left field" department... It was only a short time ago that Sling Media publicly revealed they have been working with DirecTV on their new SuperCast NFL service, only to announce today that EchoStar Communications (owner and operator of the other major US satellite TV provider) has just acquired the company for roughly $380 million dollars.



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