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Streaming Internet Video Without the Herky-Jerky

Question: I have successfully hooked up my laptop to my TV.. I have a new Toshiba computer and have made the connection using a VGA to TV converter box. Everything works good except for one thing, The videos and live TV broadcasts seem to be a little jerky, like they are buffering or something. I am receiving internet through a Verizon wireless DSL modem.

Is there a computer or modem setting that needs to be changed. Or do you need something else to produce seamless video similar to cable TV.

-Submitted by Fischer

Roku Moves From Black Box to Platform With New Channel Store

Roku's little boxes have been the hardware staple for those looking for a specific device to stream movies and TV from Netflix, Amazon, and and display it on a TV. With so many other devices integrating the real draw functionality (Netflix) these days winding up in homes everywhere, it looks like Roku is finally opening up their little box to content providers with their new "Roku Channel Store." 

Uprading a Graphics Card... What Are the Limitations?


I have an Acer Aspire T160 MB-70 PC with an Acer FC51GM motherboard. It has built in graphics ( Nvidia 6100 ). It has a 2.2 ghz CPU and a standard PSU. It can take a maximum of 4GB RAM.

I would like to buy a new graphics card which can be placed in a PCI Express slot. It must be the best one that my motherboard will accept as money is not an object.

In addition, I am willing to upgrade the PSU if necessary and also the CPU.

I will be using the graphics card as an all rounder as I do gaming and watch alot of videos, dvds etc on the PC. It must preferably have a hdmi output on it and have HD capabilities. I would like this to be connected to the TV.

What Ever Happened to the Basic Audio Tower?

Since the day my child was born, I knew I'd inevitably have to take measures to protect my home theater gear once she was mobile enough to press buttons and turn knobs. My taste in style has always been what I would call "understated contemporary," meaning plain, simple, and functional. I'll also admit I have little desire to spend a fortune on something that holds my A/V components. I'd rather buy new gear. 

Google Voice Rejection Ignites FCC Probe Into AT&T/Apple iPhone Exclusivity Agreement

Earlier this evening, word spread that the Federal Communications Commission is investigating Apple and AT&T regarding the recent rejection of Google's Voice application for the iPhone. At the heart of this investigation is the very nature of the exclusivity agreement between AT&T and Apple, and whether or not that agreement is hurting consumers, limiting choice, and hindering innovation.

The LG HT554TH Home Cinema and the Mystery of the Missing DTS Sound

Question from TechLore Member snypy:

I bought a new LG HT554TH home cinema that plays Dolby Digital fine, but when I select DTS I get no sound at all, although the device display indicates that source as DTS. I asked LG technical support, but their answers were total wrong. In fact, they did not tell me anything at all, and then claimed that my home cinema does not support DTS sound at all despite their official specifications.



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