The LG HT554TH Home Cinema and the Mystery of the Missing DTS Sound

Question from TechLore Member snypy:

I bought a new LG HT554TH home cinema that plays Dolby Digital fine, but when I select DTS I get no sound at all, although the device display indicates that source as DTS. I asked LG technical support, but their answers were total wrong. In fact, they did not tell me anything at all, and then claimed that my home cinema does not support DTS sound at all despite their official specifications.

So, I'd like to ask, is there any way to make DTS sound work or not? The setup menu does not offer many options (in fact not a single one about Dolby Digital or DTS setup - not even in the manual) or should I send it in for service? It is still under warranty - but I'd like to know if there is a solution or anything which may help me when talking to a service staff.


I'm not sure how to break it to you, but based on the information I've been able to uncover (and regardless of what it says on their website), I'd be willing to bet the LG HT554TH does not play DTS sound. It may recognize it, but that doesn't mean it will play it.

The big indicator is what I saw, or should I say what I did NOT see, in the user manual. Any product licensed for DTS playback would sport the DTS logo in the user manual, along with a footnote calling out the DTS trademark. I see every logo under the sun in that manual (screenshot below), but the DTS logo isn't shown. 

Interestingly enough, it probably does sport a DTS decoder since the vast majoirty of DSP processors combine Dolby Digital, DTS, MP3, and other playback formats to save cost, but the DTS portion simply is disabled. If so, LG chose not to pay the licencing fees to enable DTS playback on this model. That would explain why it can recognize DTS, but refuses to decode and play it. That said, it may be able to pass DTS via HDMI (maybe)... not that you'd use this audio system in conjuction with another. That would just be crazy. 

As far as their website indicating DTS playback as a feature... I'd say it's your run-of-the-mill error. It's not the first time something like this has happened, and it probably won't be the last. If DTS playback is truly important to you (and since you indicated you've recently purchased it), your only real option is to pack it up and return it, then begin the hunt for something else. 

If returning it isn't an option, try look on the bright side. Most can't discern the difference between source materials encoded in Dolby Digital and DTS in head to head tests, and most discussions/debates on the topic typically go nowhere. Audio specifications on paper can tell one story, but at the end of the day, how you perceive those sound waves when they hit your ear is entirely subjective. 

UPDATE: It looks like the cool-cats over at AVS may have a workaround to enable DTS playback through the service menus, as some have indicated success. More here >>

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Thanks for the answer. The shop claimed that it does support DTS so I will tell them to "repair" it. If they are unable to fix the issue, then according to our law, they hid defect of the device and should return money. Frankly, I do not care whether DolbyDigital or DTS. However, I've got 90% of all my movies in DTS only. And now I have to play stereo :-( (notebook -> TV via HDMI -> HomeCinema connected to the tv via optical cable; as far as I know HDMI v1.3 supports audio 2.0 only and my TV does not decode DTS nor DD).

Next time when I'd want to buy home cinema I will check it on the net first. Never thought this may happen. DTS is quite old - my friend got 3-years old DVD player and it plays DTS without problems.

Frankly, I was pretty surprised when looking into this, but it isn't the first all-in-one system I've seen to omit DTS playback. Manufacturers do a lot to cut costs on these low-margin, low-profit systems. The shop can certainly look into it for you, but I honestly don't believe this is a defect or repair issue.

90% of all movies in DTS 'only?' Really? I have a few DTS exclusive titles, but considering most DVDs ship in only DD5.1 (and that a good majority of my DVDs with DTS are discs with both DD and DTS), I would find it surprising that 90% of your movies are DTS exclusive discs.

HDMI v1.3 may pass DTS to your TV, but then you'd need to route that back out of your TV into a separate receiver to decode. But at that point there's no reason to keep your current set up.

Well, in fact I've got lots of HD movies in .mkv format on my HDD and mostly they have DTS only :-( I rarely use DVD player (although I got many DVDs @ home and they do have mostly DD sometimes DTS but I do not play dvds often - yep HD quality looks better :-) ), I connect my laptop via hdmi to the tv and receiver via spdif. Now I see I should not trust LG so much. Anyway, I will send the receiver/dvd player to a service center and will see what they say about it. I have a right to terminate the purchase contract if they provided me with wrong information (not sure how to say it in English, just that the contract is no longer valid) and they should return my money. I wrote to tech. support of LG. First they said that DTS works only when the processor in the device evaluate whether it can play sound in given mode or not.

Then, I told them it does not play DTS at all so they said that according to my message it is obvious that the device does not support the function otherwise it would be stated in manual. (They did not even bother to check the specifications!!)

On question why do they write in specifications on the net that the device supports the sound format they said and complaint about their tech. support services they said:

Thank you for your opinion, it is evident that there is a problem somewhere please contact our authorised service center they will check your request.

So, I will send it to ASC and then let's hope they fix it somehow. In the worst scenario, I will buy some AV receiver which supports DTS. It should not be so expensive.


i got the LG HT554TH and was wondering if anyone had a region /hack code . I live in sub saharan africa and basically we get dvds from allover the place and its sad that my brand new machine does not play any of the dvds i got from the US. Please help


I guess that this question not belong exactly under this problem. However, I can help you. You gotta download some program which can actually de-code your DVD disk (better say, make it your region or region free). Simply, download some program (I would recommend you DVDFab Gold; or you can use dvd decrypter and then dvd shrink after that burn iso == there are hundreds manuals when you google a bit). It will decode your dvd disk and then you can burn it onto blank dvd and your player will be able to play it (If you possess original /source/ dvd, then you do not need to fear about breaking law by copying copyrighted material).



p.s. Cannot help you with 'hack code' never tried this before.



Im french customer, and got same problem like you, did you receive back your home cineme, did he plays DTS?


Hello Nico0008,

I sent the product to the service center - they got max. 30 days to repair it or say what is wrong and how to solve the issue. It is now about a week or so. I will let you know what they said. ;-)


Hello !
Any news ?

Same problem here (french costumer too). LG FRENCH support says it's play DTS but in fact he doesn't ! :( I think they read the website like everyone. In the web site specification I can see: Decoder DTS => YES.

I will ask for refund but I think it will take some time because the shop want first send my Home Cinema to service center. And if it's not a bug i will receive the product with same problem... :/

(sorry for my english)



No news yet. I called a few times to the shop where I sent it for warranty repair. They said that they do not know yet if it is repaired or not - service centre did not tell them anything at all. Nevertheless, they have about a week max. to repair it or refound money.

Will let you know.



I have the same problem but what is most annoying is i previously had the older model - LGHT503PH which came with my tv, after 9 months the HDMI started to fail so i took it back for warranty/repair. I was told this was discontinued and the replacement was the LGHT554PH. This was 279.99 (100 pound more than the suposebly older model). But after having this model for 2 days i have seen there are no differences (exceptslight cosmetic difference in rear speakers).

The DTS has become a problem for me after only 2 days. After lots of reasearch i have noticed the manualdoes not feature the DTS logo (where as my older model madual did, i have them both for comparison, they are otherwise exactly the same). Despite what all major superstores say this LG model seems not to support or atleast decode and output DTS. Is seems anyone with this product can get a refund from their retailer as the sites/shops still state this as featuring DTS. As for sending it back for 'repair' this will just be a waste of time as the item will still come back with no DTS. I have read somewhere that it can and is able to decode and output DTS (hence the logo when it receives the DTS signal, but somhwhere along the line LG chose not to pay rights to feature DTS on this model.

After several days of researchi have come to the conlusion, all us with this model have 3 options: 1. to return to dealer as product is misdiscribed (refund/exchange), or to accecpt that we have no DTS, currently not a major issure as i dont know of any blu-rays/dvds/games/audio that only support dts and not dd5.1, or 3, to try and find a internal hack that allows us to overcome the 'internal restriction' that LG have supposebly put on this model (as they are to cheap to pay DTS!). I still not sure what i will do as i dont know it i can be bothered to disassembly the system and return it.

Frustrating i had the older model which was cheaper and superior to this, and i have 2 other samsung models in sparerooms/bedrooms which play DTS no poblems (as it should as DTS has been out for only 2 or 3 years less than DD5.1, i.e 10-15y ). Sorry for long comment, just so frustrated!

All right, I got it back from the service centre. They said that mother board was changed and it should work now. However, I brought it home connected with speakers, played DTS via SPDIF (have not tried DVD with DTS yet) and -_- dts does not work. So, I will call the man who repaired it to tell me how to make dts running. Otherwise, I am gonna put it into service center again -- if it still won't work after that I will get my money back.

Hope you will have better luck.

Tried to follow all of this(bit of a novice) as I have just bought this system and cant get sound out of the rear two and central speaker when watching tv. (HD tv so should be in 5:1 surround, shouldn't it ?).Should point out that I have a seperate blue ray player and when i play that i seem to get 5:1 sound fine.
Question is if something on tv (indeed on dvd) is made in DDn only should it come out of all 5 speakers or just the two ?
Appreciate any advice as currently just watching stereo tv !!!

Thank you

Well, HD TV does not necessarily mean that you have 5.1 sound. You may be getting 720p video, but audio may be 2.0 stereo or 2.0 DD. Hard to say, it depends on your provider and, of course, on the films you watch (some movies are no in 5.1).

By the way, I got my money back :-) After 3 months of waiting, but I've got all the money.

I am going to buy some better (and more expensive) speakers + receiver. Do not need neither blu-ray nor dvd player.

Cheers for that, decided to take mine back and got my money back too.

Thanks for your time.

I wont dispute the fact that LG purposely omitted the DTS thing, cos I recently bought their LG HT805TQ home theater system (like 3weeks ago), I recently bought the LG HT805TQ home theater system (like 3weeks ago), i never even bothered to check the logos on the package cos the older model of their home theater that i have plays DTS sound flawlessly, so automatically i assumed this would do the same and with a better experience, it never even occurred to me for a sec that i should test its DTS capability cos i've never had any experience of DVD players not being able to play DTS audio from DVD movie. When i got home, i set the whole thing up and popped in my TERMINATOR 2 ULTIMATE EDITION DVD and i selected DTS audio from the dvd menu and i played the movie, to my utmost shock & dismay there was no sound!!! i stopped it, checked the wire connections, replayed etc. but still no sound, then i switched to dolby 5.1 and the sound came out, i tested again with DTS on Terminator 3 DVD still no sound!!!
Ive read & learnt that people say that DTS is old technology but seriously i prefer to watch my movie with DTS audio cos its stronger and comes out more powerfully than Dolby Digital. Right now even repacking the whole thing and sending it back to the retailer is quite a trouble for me considering i bought from like about 60miles from where i live & i'll have to haul it back there myself and that whole package is as big as a car!
I hope anyone can help me out with this issue of DTS playback, i'll appreciate.. otherwise i'll be so dissapointed in LG & i'm so mad right now cos this is quite unexpected from a new model Home Theater system.

Hi All

Iam from India ( Bangalore City) , in fact I've also got lots of HD movies in .mkv format on my External USB HDD and mostly they have DTS /Dolby only
and it was the dealer who told it will play all the formats. and it they do no resolve the issue then i also have the right o return the product and get my money back according to the law....
can anyone update me on this
My Model is - LG LD 460 42inch LCD TV


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