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Jobs' explains why he hates Flash. Can we have Flash now?

Apple's Puppet Master and CEO published a long and eloquently worded letter (link) explaining, in detail, why he hates Flash and why he (personally) won't ever allow it on his iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Frankly, I don't give a rats what Steve Jobs thinks.

Don't get me wrong.  His letter contains many thought provoking points no doubt craftily edited by a thousand PR folks, and I applaud him for standing his ground. But in the end, Mr. Jobs is 100% in the wrong, but not for the reasons most would give.

No More XBOX Original Games on Live Starting April 15th - How To Keep Playing with Friends

This day was inevitable, even if unfortunate. Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on XBOX Live support for original XBOX games. Starting April 15th, you'll no longer be able to hop onto XBOX Live for some nostalgic bouts of Halo 2 multiplayer.

I won't drone on here why I believe Microsoft shouldn't cut game support for a paid service (particularly for games they were selling days ago in digital form), but there are two sides to that argument. According to most stats, few gamers out there are playing XBOX original titles on XBOX Live. And, according to Microsoft, continuing legacy support for original XBOX titles is getting in the way of improving the Live service overall.

Apple Jail - Calling It Like It Is

I've mentioned several times in my blog that I'm not a fan of Apple's "controlling" business practices, even going as far as saying Apple treats their customers like "walking ATMs." Apple's clearly continuing this practice with the new oversized iPod Touch they're calling "iPad", which (like its pocket sized siblings) leaves out things like Flash, expandable memory, and all but basic Bluetooth support in order to keep users in Apple Prison.

iPad - The iPod Touch Blown Up

Over the coming weeks, you'll no doubt hear more about the Apple iPad from industry pundits, bloggers, fanboys, and probably your next door neighbor than you'd ever want to hear. I'm not going to go into too much depth (others will handle that for me), but I'll give an overview and a semi-realistic viewpoint from someone who doesn't live and die by Apple's hardware.

The iPad is Apple's new tablet, which has been rumored for well over a year.  Today, they finally showed it off, and... well...  take a look:


Comcast Upgrades Motorola HD-DVRs, Adds Better Organization and New Features

I noticed this morning that my Comcast DCT-3416 Dual Tuner HD-DVR wasn't
displaying its clock, something I rely on when playing with my daughter
in the living room before starting work. Upon further investigation I
discovered that none of the advanced functions of the DVR were available
- no guide, no DVR menu, not even the menu. I got a picture and could
change channels, but that was about it.

I ultimately thought the internal hard drive failed (even though I could
hear it spinning), which would explain some of the behavior I was
seeing. I unplugged it a few times, let it reboot, and nothing. "Time to
call Comcast," I thought... though that's certainly not something I
ever look forward to. 

Tech Preview: Zaggbox - The Digital Everything Device

Like others, I was highly interested in checking out the latest developments in 3D-TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a topic I'll have much to say about over the coming months, but I also spent a good portion of time on the show floor seeking out new and interesting gadgets coming in 2010. One of the more unique devices I saw was called Zaggbox, a new product from Zagg that can only be described as a Swiss Army knife of digital goodness.

Yep, you heard that right - Zagg, the one and same that makes little plastic screen protectors for cell phones. As unlikely as it may seem, Zagg's first foray into consumer electronics is a big one, in both scope, and as it turns out, price.  



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