Eye Toy

I just got the Eye Toy for the PS2, with the kinetics game.
It is a competitor for the Yourself!Fitness game that I reviewed last year.
I like it. It is much more interactive then yourself fitness. It has aerobic and fighting games that let you interact with the screen through the camera.
If you like video games, you will probably enjoy this game more. BUT it is only available on the PS2. If you want a fitness game for the PC or Xbox, Yourself!Fitness is still the way to go. If you prefer exercise videos to interactive games, you will like Yourself!Fitness better than Kinetics. With yourself fitness, you get a new workout everyday in the style of an exercise video.
Things Yourself!Fitness does better:
Tells you how many calories you burned
Lets you change the intensity of your workout
Tests your fitness level
Lets you pick your days
Offers you menu's and shopping lists
Lets you win new music and environments for attendance
Things Kinetics does better
It is fun enough that my kids want to play the fighting games.


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