Network MP3 player

I just got the MP101 Wireless Digital music player. So far I am kind of lukewarm on it. I don't know if the problem is on my computer, my network set up or the product it self. I will play with it more this weekend and update my review if I can get it working the way I want it to.

Why did I buy it:
Well the promise of the product is that you can load software (included) onto as many computers as you want in your house. Then using the MP101, and its included remote control, you can play your music on your stereo system. It works with both wired and wireless computers. I wanted to be able to play music on my stero system that I hadn't been using since I had ripped all my cd's to my computer.

The setup:
Step 1: run the software on any and all computers you wish to act as music servers on your network. (This assumes you have a functional netework before you begin. I do, I just upgraded to wireless G over christmas break.)
Step 2: Let the software find all the music on your computer.
Step 3: Create playlists (only playlists from music match jukebox are imported.)
Step 4: Plug in the box. You need to plug it into the power, and put the cords into your stereo. This took about 3 minutes. The longest part was setting up the security key for my network. (If you are running wireless, you should be running 128 bit encryption.)

Step 5: Select your music and play

The good: The first time I ran this, it worked well. Unfortunately some songs would not play, and the box just stops instead of skipping the unrecognized songs.

The Bad: The next day, when I rebooted everything, I could not launch the software on my computer. I had to uninstall and reinstall. I lost the play list I had set up.

The Ugly: Day 3 - continuously loosing connection to the server - won't work.

If I can fix the problems and get everything working, this will be one of the best toys I have ever purchased. It was under 60 dollars and came with a 30 dollar rebate. If I can't get it working, I will buy one of it's competitors, because the idea is sound and I really want it to work.


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