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How CDs are Made

No doubt you've accumulated hundreds, more likely thousands, of these little digital wonders since the CD hit the big time in the early 80s. First conceived in the late 70s to store digital music, the Compact Disc went on to become the de-facto standard to store and distribute software and games for the personal computer.

The process for making the Compact Disc is actually quite interesting. If you've ever wondered how the CD goes from raw materials to your CD player, click the play button below.

How Can I Hook Up My TV's Audio to My Home Theater?

Question: I have just bought a DURABRAND SA51AR home theatre system to go with my DURABRAND 2127N TV and DURABRAND CG5660-M Freeview set-top box. I have connected all my output leads (the speaker ones). I have only one red, yellow, and white jack on my TV and three sets of red and white jack leads with home theatre system. I can't get sound no matter how many times I've swapped the input leads... any ideas whats going wrong :(

-  submitted by CKENWORTHY1986


If I get you right, you have a home theater system, a TV, and a freeview set-top, but can't get any sound from the TV through your external audio system.

Crazy Tech Project: The $25 Garage Entertainment System - Part 3

At the end of part 2, I had just finished hunting down and grabbing the major pieces for the $25 Garage Entertainment System. With a few twists here and there, including the addition of a dedicated Media PC for the garage thanks to a "free" find at a yard sale, the $25 Garage Entertainement System was finally starting to come together. If you haven't yet read parts 1 or 2, go check that out before you continue:

Part 1:

Crazy Tech Project: The $25 Garage Entertainment System - Part 2

At the end of part 1, I had just finished scoping what would inevitably be the $25 Garage Entertainment system, quite a challenge given the requirements I decided on. If you haven't yet read part 1, go check that out before you continue:

"Dedicated" Subwoofer Amplifier

Not that there are many passive subwoofers these days, but I'd thought I'd share how mine is powered. Instead of connecting the main L/R speaker outputs of my receiver to the inputs of the subwoofer, and the speakers to the subwoofer, I have my Yamaha receiver's subwoofer output connected to a 25+-year-old Harmon Kardon amplifier (bought it from a friend a few years ago for $15). The combination produces some nice foundation-shaking bass.

Transferring Audio Tapes or LPs to CD or MP3

A long time ago (before the days of the digital recorder), I conducted a number of geneology interviews with my grandfather (now deceased) and others, using a tape recorder and a crappy old microphone.  Also, my wife has a number of audio tapes that she loves and threatens to wear them out listening to them ... but doesn't even know who the artists are.  And don't even get me started on my parents' Elivs, Pat Boone, Rickie Nelson or Beatles LP collections.



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