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DS Lite - fun new handheld

The nintendo DS has just undergone an overhaul. Now we have the DS lite, which is lighter weight, and brigheter than the previous model. It is a comfortable fit in your hands, closes to protect the screen, has decent sound which can be connected to headphones or speakers. It plays the two most recent formats of nintendo games, and boasts built in wireless capability so that you can play with your friends, or you can set it up to work over a wireless network and play over the Internet.

From the current games, I have nintendogs (lab and friends) and brain age, both of which I really like. This is a great hand held system, very affordable compared to the psp. I love the touch screen, and the microphone voice recognition.

My CD Player Put Me on Hold!

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...


I have a portable Sony CD player (D-EJ119), and when I press play the LCD screen just flashes the word hold. Nothing happens, and I can't hear any music. Any ideas?

-submitted by nell

PodCapsule #5 - TV Shows On the Go

Today it's easy to take your music with you wherever you go, but what about your favorite television shows? Listen to this PodCapsule and learn how to transfer videos to your PSP, why buying a handheld TV may not be a great idea, how to take your shows with you using TiVo ToGo, how to placeshift TV using the Slingbox with special guest Jeremy Toeman from Sling Media, and more.

-hosted by Matt Whitlock

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XBConnect: A Free Alternative to XBox Live

Are you tired of paying for Xbox Live and/or dealing with punk kids in the Xbox Live servers? There are alternatives - XBConnect and Kai Xlink. This article deals specifically with XBConnect, though an article of Xlink may be forthcoming. The following will explain what XBConnect is, considerations prior to installing it, and some general troubleshooting information. Note that XBConnect also works with a Sony PSP, but that is beyond the scope of this article, as I don't own a PSP.

Cellboost Editorial Review - Instant Power on the Go

Virtually every one of us carries around one or more electronic devices for that occasion we may need it. Examples include having a cell phone with you in case of emergency, or a Game Boy for when you get stuck waiting in a long line. However, Murphy's Law states that anytime you really need a portable device to work for you, the battery will be dead.



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