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Fling iPad Joystick Review: Just Like A Real Controller... Sort Of

Hardcore gamers often dismiss the iPad and iPhone platforms as being for "casual players only" or not having the depth of traditional console games. However, it's becoming more and more relevant as a gaming platform due to the sheer volume and popularity of titles available--along with the technical capabilities of the platform.

One technical capability the iDevice family does not have, however, is a joystick (or joysticks.) You're left with only a capacitive touchscreen, which, though usable, can often be pretty miserable for gaming. Especially for those of short fingers, like yours truly--effective dual stick gaming on a touchscreen usually ends up being a painful. achy affair.

iOS--Giving Retro Gaming a Burst of Life on the iPhone and iPad

Now that all the kids of the 80's and 90's are all growed up, there's a sort of "neu-retro" revival in gaming. Of course, it's been going on for years, especially in the PC scene--but lately, the library of retro (and retro-inspired) games has exploded on the App Store. I couldn't be happier.

Whether you love or hate the App Store, its power to bring unknown indie developers to the forefront in a matter of days is undeniable. Many of these indie developers crave and love retro influences, and many people who are gaming on the iOS platform do too--and that ecosystem has really injected some Miracle-Gro into the scene.

I'd like to highlight some of my favorite titles for iPhone/iPad that are either retro remakes or retro inspired. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Epic Citadel and the Future of iPhone & iPad Gaming

A few years back, it was certainly debatable that the iPhone would be a viable platform for gaming; limited performance and a fledgling App Store  would create doubts in the mind of many an analyst and gamer.

Nintendo 3DS Officially Outed at E3 Gaming Expo

In dramatic fashion, Nintendo has officially unveiled the Nintendo 3DS, a new handheld gaming system capable of delivering glasses free 3D visuals to players.

From a hardware perspective, the 3DS is similar to the DS in many physical respects, like the top and bottom two screen design, d pad, four facing buttons, clamshell design etc. Like the original DS, only the bottom screen is touch capable, with Nintendo's Soturu Iwata noting that "3D and touch don't get along very well."

Read the rest at Explore3DTV.com >>

My Current Favorite Apps and Games for the Apple iPad

Of course, I had to get an iPad at launch, being a "Mac guy" and an early gadget adopter at heart. What really makes the iPad special is the great library of third party applications that are already available in the App Store.  These apps greatly enhance what your iPad can do.  Here's some of my current favorites and must-haves, all of which I recommend full force that you buy or at least try!

Netflix (Free)

Netflix instant streaming on iPad. Nothing more needs to be said.  It's perfect.  You need a subscription to use it, of course.

Strategery - A Perfect, Polished Strategy Game for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

I've had a thing lately for bite-sized games with "polish."  They might not have deep plots, insanely detailed hand drawn graphics, or famous sports figures.  What they do possess, however, is the ability to represent a genre with simplicity, finesse, and elegance.  Strategery for the iPhone does just that, and I love it.  I discovered it through app.itize.us, a site devoted to fishing out the most finely crafted iPhone programs around, which I visit almost daily.  I skipped straight to the paid download, although there is a free version if you want to try that first.



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