My Current Favorite Apps and Games for the Apple iPad

Of course, I had to get an iPad at launch, being a "Mac guy" and an early gadget adopter at heart. What really makes the iPad special is the great library of third party applications that are already available in the App Store.  These apps greatly enhance what your iPad can do.  Here's some of my current favorites and must-haves, all of which I recommend full force that you buy or at least try!

Netflix (Free)

Netflix instant streaming on iPad. Nothing more needs to be said.  It's perfect.  You need a subscription to use it, of course.

Strategery ($1.99)

One of my favorite iPhone games has an updated iPad version for only two bucks. If you like Risk, you'll love this, and it really takes advantage of the extra screen real estate.  Polished and fun... I love it so much I wrote a separate review here.

We Rule (Free)

Another game I liked so much I reviewed, We Rule is simple resource management fun - it's like FarmVille without silly graphics and wall posts.  If you want to grow your town faster, you can pay extra, otherwise it's gratis.

The New York Times Editor's Choice (Free)

Hand-picked content from the NYT in a slick "newspaper-y" form will give you an idea of what reading the news feels like on the iPad.

Evernote for iPad (Free)

Evernote once again reclaims its throne, for me, as the finest mobile note-taking client.  I dropped it on my iPhone due to a sluggish interface, but the iPad version is gorgeous... and fast.  I'm back on the elephant now!  They have premium paid options for heavier users.

Twitteriffic (Free)

In my opinion, the best Twitter app for iPad at the moment.

Instapaper Pro ($4.99)

With Instapaper, you can save any URL for viewing later and read them on your iPad via a slick and quick interface.  Great for when you're checking Twitter on the go, marking interesting links to check out later.  Worth every penny of the price.  Works great on iPhone as well.

Stick It ($0.99 right now)

This is a neat "sticky note" program for the iPad, which allows you to select from a variety of backgrounds and note styles, then stick notes to them.  You can then save the image to your iPad background, effectively simulating sticky notes widgets.  Great for the price.

Warpgate HD ($7.99)

One of the few iPad games available right now that is truly worth the higher price, Warpgate HD is a fantastic, open ended space epic.  Do you want to be a pirate?  Trader?  You can do it here.  Beautiful gameplay, excellent graphics, and great concept perfect for the iPad.  Freeverse is one of my favorite devs for the Mac, and they make a great showing here.

Adobe Ideas (Free)

Sketch out your ideas.  That's it, but it's cool, and it's free.  Why not?

SO... what are your favorites?  Leave a comment below, I'm always looking to discover new apps.



Thanks... this will be a difficult list to keep adding to, as soon there will be far too many apps to keep track of. Did you snag an iPad?


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