Strategery - A Perfect, Polished Strategy Game for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

I've had a thing lately for bite-sized games with "polish."  They might not have deep plots, insanely detailed hand drawn graphics, or famous sports figures.  What they do possess, however, is the ability to represent a genre with simplicity, finesse, and elegance.  Strategery for the iPhone does just that, and I love it.  I discovered it through, a site devoted to fishing out the most finely crafted iPhone programs around, which I visit almost daily.  I skipped straight to the paid download, although there is a free version if you want to try that first.

Even the main menu alone should give you an idea of the clean, crisp visual style used in this little gem.  You can see your win/loss records and set the difficulty level and map size.

At this point, you had better be wondering what this game is all about.  I'm assuming that you assumed it was a strategy game, but don't be fooled; it's so simple, just about anybody could pick up and play this.  Basically, you are the good and noble blue army, pitted in mortal hexagonal war against the other evil colors of the spectrum.  You're presented with a nice looking map on which you have "armies" placed within territories.  Simply tap a territory with at least two armies, and tap another territory to "attack."

[Video via TouchArcade]

As you can see from the video, gameplay is as beautiful as the visual presentation.  Clicks register instantly and the game never slows or jitters.  There are tons of great little touches, such as the small visible "dice" rolls that flip on each army during battles, the ability to speed up computer moves, and the replay of the whole battle upon its completion.  You can even listen to your own iPod music while playing the game.

All in all, this app will be a wonderful addition to anyone's iDevice game inventory, whether the player is a fan of strategy games or not.  It provides a simple, endlessly random, and addictive experience that never seems to get old.  The feeling of blanketing that board with legions of blue dots is ultimately satisfying, in a megalomanical sort of way :)  Right now, it's only two bucks, which is less than a value meal and lasts a whole lot longer, too.

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