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MP3 Player reads 'No File' After Files are Loaded

Regardless of how easy transferring music to an MP3 player is supposed to be, it's not always the simplest task to complete. TechLore has been asked repeatedly over the last month why MP3 players read "No File" when songs have been succesfully transferred using popular software programs like Windows Media Player.

Are CDs a Thing of the Past?

Archos AV300 Wishlist

Archos AV300 Video Resolution FAQ

Originally created 7/3/2003

What settings should I use with DivX5.x to encode video for the AV300?

  • If you are going for Maximum quality for TV-Out:
  1. Use the highest resolution the AV300 supports (see the offical and unoffical max resolutions in this faq)

    Archos AV400 & GMini400 Detailed Review

    Originally created 11/12/2004, last updated 12/9/04

    AV400 Out of the Box



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