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Sling Media Announces New Slingbox M1 and SlingTV

Press release: 07/15/2014 - The following is the press release from Slng Media. We will be posting more pictures and information shortly.


Review & Specifications of the Channel Master DVR+ | Part One

If you are not familiar with the Channel Master DVR + its an Over the Air Digital Video Recorder you connect to a digital antennae to view and record television channels.

It does this all without the need of a paid subscription service. We recently got our hands on one and tested it out. We found that not only was it easy to setup but is also easy to use. The DVR itself is the smallest DVR we have ever tested.

It is very thin and compact but at the same time feels very sturdy due to the metal casing.

Things To Consider When Setting Up A Home Theatre

Home theatre systems are playing an increasing role in our lives as the recession is driving new trends for staying at home rather than spending money on going out. To quantify this, total user spend on AV (including home theatre systems) in 2011 was approximately 2.8billion. Home theatre encompasses everything from television, DVD players and speakers. However the process of installing a home theatre system remains a mystery to most, therefore we have put together a basic guide to assist you with this.

3D TV, do you need one?

Several years ago back in the late 90’s a great new technology for your computer.   it was  awesome 3d technology,  just as good as the new 3d tv’s are today.  They used shutter glasses and an ir emitter to synchronize the shutter glasses with the image being displayed, just as they do today.  They only had a dongle attached to a monitor and some software to produce the 3d image. The monitor its self was just a simple off the shelf monitor that you could purchase anywhere. The key was the hardware driving the monitor.


A First-Timer's View of CES

My Slingbox Made Me Famous

Well, not really, but it was kind of cool to get a call from the Chicago Tribune. They wanted to talk tech with me about my slingbox. I told them it was everything I dreamed it could be (and it is)!

Check out the article.



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