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Mortal Kombat Review Roundup - Crunch Bones and Krush Skulls Like Never Before

Give the Gift of Indie Gaming for 2010: Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, and More

Not sure what to get that gamer nerd in your life for the holidays this year?  Sick of buying those stupid gift certificates?  Want to get them something unique they'll remember for a long time, and that may even open up a whole new world of gaming for them?  

Look no further than the blossoming indie gaming scene, which is like the old shareware days on super-steroids.  Creativity, quality, and uniqueness abound - all for great prices, too - forget paying $59.99 for a full gaming experience here.

Check out some of my latest addictions and favorite picks.  Steam lets you gift games easily, so get crackin' on that list!!

Hulu Plus PS3 Equals Less Free Time

Whereas Netflix Instant Watch exclusively graced the XBOX 360 for some time, Playstation 3 owners are getting the last laugh now that Hulu's giving them exclusive access to Hulu Plus streaming for the remainder of the year. That dramatically turns the tides, making the Sony's PS3 the most streaming friendly console in the market with access to both Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Playing Borderlands

You like explosions? Tons of guns? Exploration? Guns? GUNS?? Prepare for your new addiction, and check out these reasons why you should be playing Borderlands.  Now.  You should just buy it.

No More XBOX Original Games on Live Starting April 15th - How To Keep Playing with Friends

This day was inevitable, even if unfortunate. Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on XBOX Live support for original XBOX games. Starting April 15th, you'll no longer be able to hop onto XBOX Live for some nostalgic bouts of Halo 2 multiplayer.

I won't drone on here why I believe Microsoft shouldn't cut game support for a paid service (particularly for games they were selling days ago in digital form), but there are two sides to that argument. According to most stats, few gamers out there are playing XBOX original titles on XBOX Live. And, according to Microsoft, continuing legacy support for original XBOX titles is getting in the way of improving the Live service overall.

Retro Game Review: Ninja Gaiden for the NES

I have a bone to pick with Tecmo.  I stand here wondering why games like Bionic Commando, Super Mario Bros., Punch Out!!, and so many others are getting remakes but the original Ninja Gaiden is not.  Well, there are new members in the Ninja Gaiden series, including the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for PS3... but they're all fancy, 3D slash-n-adventure types. Booorrriiing.



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