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Review of RHA MA-350 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are truly a dime a dozen. There's everything from super cheap, sub $10 'phones that just barely get the job done, to insanely expensive models such as the Westone 4R, clocking in at a cool $499.

Google Chromebook Review: Can it replace the standard laptop?

In an unexpected move, I recently traded in my beloved iPhone 4 for a Google (Samsung) Nexus S Android handset--mostly to escape from AT&T but also to try something new and see whether all the fuss about Android made sense or not.

Review of the Mintpass Mintpad MID / PDA / MP3 Player

Ah, the Post-It note... a mainstay of organizers everywhere.  Sitting atop your desk merely waiting to be peeled and stuck, the iconic yellow squares (or tabs, or rectangles) have been around seemingly forever, and to date, haven't met with an adequate electronic replacement.  Computer desktop "stickies" don't really seem to emulate the feeling of jotting down a quick note.  It's for this reason that the beguiling Mintpass Mintpad called my name, begging my compulsively organized self to give it a try.

Mintpass Mintpad: Internet Tablet Done Right?

Back in the day, a mobile device that could browse the Internet was incredible, expensive, hard to find, and often cumbersome.  I remember how absolutely cool it was to browse the mobile web from my Sprint PCS Vision phone, although it was only black-and-white text, of course.

Before the advent of the iPhone, the Palm Pre, the BlackBerry Storm, HTC Mogul, T-Mobile G1, and other phones fully capable of browsing the Internet gracefully - the Internet tablet attempted to bridge the gap. 

I always wanted an Internet tablet, but they were far too expensive and limited to make it worth it, and besides, only a few years later I was able to browse the web reasonably well on my PocketPC with a tethered Bluetooth connection.  My phone didn't have a decent browser or PDA capabilities, but my PDA did.

Apple Announcements Galore - iMac, Minis, and More Get A Facelift

It's that time again... the iconic Apple announcements.  This time around, there's a whole mess of 'em, none of which are "new and groundbreaking."  However, that doesn't make them any less necessary, as this current round of facelifts to the fruit-puters is quite welcome.  Here's the skinny on what's new and improved...

The Mac Pro - Now With Nehalem, Still Impossible To Afford

What fanboy or fangirl hasn't drooled over one of these impressively excessive hulking monoliths of computing nirvana?  I mean, come on... go to the Mac Pro homepage ( and check out that beast.  It's like you're looking up at a skyscraper or something.  I think I actually lost my breath for a second.

If Your Geek Wants Something Different... Give A Flying Toy This Christmas

I know what you're saying, flying toys aren't necessarily "gadgets."  You can't check your email or watch TV on them, nor will they play your favorite video game.

Really, though, aren't radio control fans and gadget lovers one and the same?  Doesn't the love for the newest and hottest phones and computers translate pretty easily to high-tech remote control planes, trains, robots, and cars?

I think it does, and I have a couple recommendations for the best things on wings (or blades) to give the R/C junkie in your life.  Personally, I own every single one of these toys and love them all.  I've gone through many a set of batteries flying these around  :)



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