If Your Geek Wants Something Different... Give A Flying Toy This Christmas

I know what you're saying, flying toys aren't necessarily "gadgets."  You can't check your email or watch TV on them, nor will they play your favorite video game.

Really, though, aren't radio control fans and gadget lovers one and the same?  Doesn't the love for the newest and hottest phones and computers translate pretty easily to high-tech remote control planes, trains, robots, and cars?

I think it does, and I have a couple recommendations for the best things on wings (or blades) to give the R/C junkie in your life.  Personally, I own every single one of these toys and love them all.  I've gone through many a set of batteries flying these around  :)

WowWee Dragonfly

The ultimate in ornithopter action, the WowWee Dragonfly is awesome indoors or out.  It flies just like a real insect, and man, is it fast.  It's a perfect introduction to R/C flight and just might get you addicted and begging for more.

Get the Dragonfly at Amazon.com

Learn More About the Dragonfly at RoboCommunity

WowWee Bat or FairyFly

These are great for kids (or big grown up kids like me) who aren't looking for anything too stressful or engaging, and just want to watch something flap around for a bit.  Sounds simple, but they're really quite fun.  They turn counter-clockwise and by carefully controlling the speed, you can swoop them around the room with ease.

Get the Bat or FairyFly at Amazon.com

Learn More at RoboCommunity

Silverlit Picoo-Z MX-1 Helicopter

The MX-1 is literally the tiniest remote control helicopter in the world... or at least, as far as I know!  It's amazing that this microscopic chopper can fly at all, but it has plenty of power to get you careening towards the ceiling before you know it.  It's so small it fits inside its own remote!  You can be up and running within minutes, and after you get it trimmed (and modified with a small weight added to the nose) you'll be zipping and hovering around your living room for hours.

Get the MX-1 at Amazon.com

Silverlit Tandem-Z Chinook Helicopter

This is one of the most amazing flying "toys" I have played with, and offers a level of control that is far beyond what you might expect.  This one is a full 3-channel design; meaning you control forward/back, throttle, and turning (no pitch, though.)  It takes a LOT of practice, but after a few hours you'll be doing your own secret dropship missions in your garage.  I mean it, this is the best way to get your feet wet in helicopter flight!

Get the Tandem-Z at Amazon.com

Ready To Fly?

I hope you've had fun checking out these videos, and that you're seriously considering picking up one of these super-fun toys this year.  Happy Holidays!


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