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If Your Geek Wants Something Different... Give A Flying Toy This Christmas

I know what you're saying, flying toys aren't necessarily "gadgets."  You can't check your email or watch TV on them, nor will they play your favorite video game.

Really, though, aren't radio control fans and gadget lovers one and the same?  Doesn't the love for the newest and hottest phones and computers translate pretty easily to high-tech remote control planes, trains, robots, and cars?

I think it does, and I have a couple recommendations for the best things on wings (or blades) to give the R/C junkie in your life.  Personally, I own every single one of these toys and love them all.  I've gone through many a set of batteries flying these around  :)

Outlet Outrage

We call them "road warriors." Or maybe just "huge nerd" would suffice. Some are students, others dyed-in-the-wool geeks. Whatever, it doesn't matter. The bottom line is that all of us have seen this particularly non-elusive breed of tech aficionado, usually sitting at a Borders, Barnes & Noble, or especially, a Panera Bread cafe. We're breeding like rabbits.

Virtually all of these establishments either condone or even encourage people to pull up a chair, stay awhile, fire up your laptop or phone, and take advantage of the Wi-Fi hotspot. Panera Bread even encourages patrons to make their restaurant their meeting place, and they offer free Wi-Fi access, too.

TV Broadcast Color Quality: 2001 vs. 2007

I wanted to conduct an experiment in the realm of color. Mainly, see what the differences are in the quality of TV broadcast color quality between year 2001 vs. 2007, and evaluate how far television has advanced within that time frame. In order to do this, I needed pictures from a show that aired in 2001 as well as one that aired in 2007, but that show also needed to display a full range of color.

Top Gadgets for Kids 4 - 8 years old

Electronic toys are not just for teenagers. Preschoolers and early elementary aged children have a full range of gadgets that help them learn basic educational skills while having fun. The following is a list of the most popular items on their lists this year.

USB to DVI Adapter

I was just sent this by a company I've done business with. Looks like an easy way to add multimonitor support without adding video cards.



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