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Does your robot need a doctor?

Japan is years ahead of the U.S. in personalized robots in their homes.
It seems that Japan has a thing for robots. Dozens of companies make and sell these humanoid machines.

This has lead to the creation of the first robot hospital in Osaka. The Akazawa Roboclinic The hospital was launched by machinery maker Systec Akazawa.

They offer diagnosis and treatment for down-and-out droids. They have all the proper signs for their different departments, including examination, operating and rehabilitation rooms.
They only have a staff of four, But everyone including the hospital chief Dr. Ohno, are decked out in white lab coats.

My First Look at ASIMO, Honda's Famous Walking Robot


When I first saw ASIMO from a distance, he was walking up stairs in front of a huge crowd at CES.  Truthfully, my first impression was disbelief.  "No way that's a robot!" I was thinking.

Tekno, iCat, iDog, iFish, iCybie, Roboreptile, and More - The Complete Robot Roundup

Though it may be premature to claim that robots are taking over the world, it is safe to say that they're on the move to invade your living room and take a dominant place under the Christmas tree. Companies like Wow Wee Robotics are making innovative, fun robotic toys that are suitable for users of nearly any age. If you've decided to get a new robot for you, a friend, or family member, the hard part is deciding which bot is right for you.

How much is that Robopet doggy in the window?

Robots continue to seem to be appearing everywhere now in my life.  As I was walking past Radio Shack, the little Robopet caught my eye as I walked by.  Thought is was funny that they put the 'doggy' in the window.  I've played with him too, and he is pretty cute.  The kids love him as does my wife who doesn't want to get a 'real' doggy.  It's a good substitute for all.

By the way, you'll also notice that the picture is black and white.  For some reason, my Treo 650 won't take color pictures anymore.  Need to look into why. 

My experience with the Lego 8527 Mindstorms

I probably should have titled this article: "Why I have the coolest job in the world".

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