TV Broadcast Color Quality: 2001 vs. 2007

I wanted to conduct an experiment in the realm of color. Mainly, see what the differences are in the quality of TV broadcast color quality between year 2001 vs. 2007, and evaluate how far television has advanced within that time frame. In order to do this, I needed pictures from a show that aired in 2001 as well as one that aired in 2007, but that show also needed to display a full range of color.

That was no easy feat! The way TV shows get cancelled nowadays, it's tough to find one that's been in rotation for that long. However, after much research I found a reliable, quality show, with a full range of color that airs each year at the same time: The Victorias Secret Fashion Show.

The way I will conduct this study will be to take screencaptures from the 2001 show, and compare them with the recently aired 2007 show side-by-side to see the difference in color quality, then chart those differences.

So, let the study begin:

2001 Victorias Secret Fashion Show
2007 Victorias Secret Fashion Show

As you can see, the 2007 show has a slight edge in most categories of color. This is only the first of many exhaustive research tasks to be undertaken in the future.


Well, you can't argue with science. My hat goes off to the tireless efforts of all those out there helping to bring enlightenment to the masses. You have to admire the long, thankless hours of analysis that went into a in-depth study like this. It is my hope that this kind of research will shepherd our children back into the ranks of math and science. I applaud you sir and eagerly wait for future installments.


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