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Newspaper modules open-sourced by Studio Multimedia France 24 / RFI

Hello, Two months ago, a case study about the migration of France 24 from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 was posted on frontpage, and it was announced some really interesting modules were going to be open sourced. I'm happy to say it is (almost?) finished, and here is the list of modules:

    Editing documentation embedded into Drupal

    Besides the Handbook on, there is also some Drupal documentation that is embedded in the Drupal source code, and visible from the administration pages of a Drupal site. This includes help pages for modules, help text displayed at the top of administration pages, and descriptive text within administration pages (e.g. help text for a setting field).

    Updated NetBeans plugins support for Drupal

    Hello Drupalers! NetBeans 6.5 Release Candidate is out (with right PHP editing features : and along with that I have released an update to the existing Drupal support in NetBeans. Please feel free to try out the enhanced wizard for assisting Drupal module development. The modifications in the plugin are : * Generates the new module in appropriate location

    GatherNote Provides Easy Organization & Annotation of Photo-based Projects for iPad

    Your projects have photos, notes, and audio.? How are you keeping it all organized???

    GatherNote™ is an easy to use, all-in-one app that is ideal for organizing your projects and keeping all the relevant information in one place.

    GatherNote™ is great for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Maintenance Personnel, Real Estate Agents, Urban Planners, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Landscapers, Naturalists, Scientists, Insurance Claims Adjusters, Home Inventory … really it’s for anyone who makes observations and needs to know where they were and remember what they saw.

    Take Photos
    Quickly take photographs or use images from your photo library. Use the convenient pin pointer to indicate which direction the photograph is looking.

    Take Notes
    Easily take notes and pin them right at the location it needs to be. And with the pin pointer, you can show the relationship to the image below.

    Draw Dimensions
    Drawing dimensions is a snap using the dimension pin. The enlarged cross-hairs help you accurately place each dimension point.

    Record Audio
    Recording audio with GatherNote™ is as easy as a couple taps. And it’s just as easy to pause and restart when recording or playing.

    Powerful Nesting
    With the ability to nest pins inside of pins (images inside of images), this app is an extremely powerful tool for mapping out where you were and what you saw.

    Add Tags
    You can add tags with names, numbers, and prices to your pins. Choose tags from the standard tag library or create your own tags in the custom library.

    Search & Filter
    GatherNote™ incorporates powerful search and filter capabilities so you can keep your projects organized and get the information you need quickly. Search and filter by tag names and words in your notes.

    E-mail PDF’s
    Once your project is underway, you can quickly send a beautifully formatted PDF of all or just some of the things you observed via e-mail.

    Available on the App Store. Only $4.99 for a limited time!


    New Drupal Book - Drupal Performance Tips

    Drupal 6 Performance Tips, by Trevor James and TJ Holowaychuk, is a newly-published title from Packt Publishing aimed at Drupal beginners, developers, designers, and webmasters who utilize the Drupal content management system to create robust websites.

    It provides crucial performance-related information for Drupal users of all experience levels, including module contributors, webmasters who simply configure and maintain Drupal websites, and even themers. The book contains basic and advanced topics on Drupal performance that will appeal both to the Drupal novice and the advanced user or developer.



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