SONY KP-57WS500 Convergence and Pincushion issue

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Marco - You can get the parts

Marco - You can get the parts, detailed instructions, repair support, and the service manual from our site -

Josh - Recheck for loose soldering on the STK chips. Also, make sure you put the heatsink grease on the chips. If not they will overheat and can cause some of the problems you described.


Hi Ed,

Hi Ed,
Thank you for your response. I also thought that my solders might be the problem. I pulled the boards back out and again checked all fuses. I also brushed evrything down and checked for loose or cold solders, and any solder that may have dropped elsewhere.
During the first 15 minutes of turning the tv on I can sometimes turn it off and on a few times to get the picture to come back. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I also used alot of heatsink compound. I have built plenty of PC's using the compound on the processors. I used silicone based compound from radioshack. Is this stuff any good? Should I resolder the IC's? Any other advice would, I would be greatful, this tv is driving me crazy. My wife is driving me crazy too. :)

Hello, I have a 65 inch Sony

Hello, I have a 65 inch Sony projection tv and I recently replaced the two convergence chips. I am having a problem with the blue not be able to be adjusted in the convergence adjustment screen. I think the problem may stem from the fact that only one chip gets warm while the tv is on. Does anyone have any ideas on why this is? I checked all my solder connections and even switched the positions of the chips. The D board is getting +22 V and -22 V from the G board. Thanks...

yes it could have alot to do

yes it could have alot to do with it,get a multimeter and check all the pico fuses and resistors under that ic that isnt getting warm/hot,pico fuses look like resistors and check the value of whats written on the resistors aginst what your multimeter says they are because even if your meter reads them but the value is to high its the same as being bad/blown.if there all good get the service manual and start tracing voltage.

If the video looks warped, 3D

If the video looks warped, 3D, or has a ghost like image the the problem is more the convergence chips. This is a common failure on Sony sets. There are two STK392-560 chips, several pico fuses on the G and D boards, and some convergence resistors that all need to be replaced. You can get the parts online - but be careful not to buy the generic chips. The generics will burn up quickly or wont work at all when you put them in. Only get genuine Sanyo STK392-560 chips. These are not cheap - cost about 24.00 - 32.00 each right now from MCM, Acme, BDent, etc but they are worth it. You can also get complete kits including all the parts and instructions from

Hope this helps,


seeking a service manual for

seeking a service manual for a kp57ws500 to repair a convergence problem anyone?


You can find manuals in the technicians corner,or the resources tab,you can even use the search bar.....

good morning guys, I am new
good morning guys, I am new to this group and have a problem with my KP-57WS500 Sony TV. It started with bad convergence ships so I bought a kit from and replaced both ships. Now the colors a correct but I have a green vertical line almost in the middle of the screen. Can't find any info on this any where. One thing I noticed is that on one of the legs of the convergence ships the board (where you solder the ship) is missing a part so the soldering is loose or missing. I am asumming it has to do with this but if anyone can confirm this I would appreciate Assuming this is the problem and that is causing the line going down the middle of the screen, is there a way ti bridge this leg to where it is suppose to go, cant find any board diagram out there that shows how they are connected



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