SONY KP-57WS500 Convergence and Pincushion issue

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SONY KP-57WS500 Convergence and Pincushion issue

I have a KP-57WS500 , I think it has the issue with the convergence IC chips since the auto-adjust

and service menu manual adjustment make no difference in the convergence of the picture.

It also appears to have a pincushion issue too as both the left and right sides arch upwards.

I haven't tried the service menu pin chusion settings yet, wanted to see if that was a viable

option. Also for someone to look at my pics and see if it does indeed look like the IC's are

needed for convergence since I've already tried manually setting them in the service menu.

Take a look at these pics and let me know what you think, thanks!


Larry Dillon
i cannot see the picture well

i cannot see the picture well in these photos my friend.  If the ato adjust will not work or try to work, the service menu adjustment would not help your problems.  The service menu would only be used to readjust the small convergence drift, not any major change.  If you do have a convergence problem, i really hopem you wrote down those original settings that was in the service menu, or you are in for a real treat when you do get, or have the set repaired.  The service menu can be a very dangerous place to be, as its name, it is for service peeps.  I had a set that a customer played with the service menu and I fixed the original pproblem.  See if you can take some better pictures and reposy here.  Good Luck

I haven't messed with

I haven't messed with anything other than the convergence drift settings as you mentioned.

These don't have numbers assocaited with them as it's a visual grid adjustment. I'll suffer the

pains of manually correcting it after I replace the IC's if need be, otherwise I'll go home tonight

and take pictures on the grid convergence screen to give the best illustration of the ammount

of convergence loss and my current situation. Thanks for the quick reply! 


Also, I picked this TV up for

Also, I picked this TV up for a cool $100 , the guy figured it was hopeless and didn't want the big

thing in his house anymore. I have a BACH degree in EET, and am very handy with a soldering

iron, I've looked at the schematics and the board layouts and multiple forums pointing to this being a

convergence IC chip issue, the only thing I'm worried about is disconnecting the HV cables from the D board to take it out to work on. I hear the HV transformer can start to get flaky and don't want to

mess it up. I'm leaving the TV off for several days before working on it , and am curious if there is a

need to discharge the unit still before I disconnect the HV from the D board to work on the unit.

Any info is appreciated, I'll get those better pics tonight. Take care!


Larry Dillon
The HV lead will disconnect I

The HV lead will disconnect I think from the high voltage distribution block as described in the service manual.  As stated in the manual, the lead will need to be twisted 90 degrees and then you can pull out the lead  Thats a great price for this TV set.  i wish i could find one like this for that price.  Good Luck

Ok, here are some pics

Ok, here are some pics showing the convergence issue and the (pincushion?) issue.

Please let me know if you think the covergence issue is probably the D board IC chips, and

what you make of the skew/pin issue. I haven't changed any of the values in memory as of

yet. If you can suggest anything outside of the IC chips or confirm they are probably the issue

then all knowledge of the issue would be appreciated. Thanks!

Pics are below.


Larry Dillon
Great pictures my friend!  It

Great pictures my friend!  It is almost like I am there in your house, getting ready to replace the two stk convergence ICs.  Yeppers you heard me right, all of your problems are because of the convergence IC. But there may be other troubles a brewing here bud.  Do you have the service manual for this TV set?  If you do not, I have something I can share with you.  You might , just might have a problem with one or more of the B+ feeds going to the IC's. it would be the +24 and the - 24 volts. Could be resistors, CP's(circuit protectors)  You will need to make sure that after you replace , or have the convergence IC's replaced, that the voltages are present.  And dont forget to put new heat sink compound on the backs of the new ic's before you install them.

I'll check the voltages

I'll check the voltages coming from the G board and then do test points all the way to the IC's.

If all else fails, think I could just get a refurbed D board, I've seen them around online from $145-$170

Wife has already said I could throw a little more money on a sure fix, sounds like that could take care

of any bad components outside of the STK's. I'll definetly try the STK's first since they are in the mail

and should be here saturday or monday. But do you think replacing the D board outright might be

a solid solution if the STK's don't take care of things?

Thanks for all the help both during the day and in the evening here. :)


To go along with my above

To go along with my above message, if the STK's don't end up fixing it and I can't trace the bad components down on the D board, would replacing the D board all together likely take care of any B+ voltage issues and the convergence at the same time?

Thanks for the help!


Larry Dillon
I would not replace the board

I would not replace the board if you already had the stk IC's replaced.  just check the voltages.  If you do not have the service manual i will send you one.  just need the mail address.   Oh and also do not forget to put new heat sink compound on the back of the new IC's before installing them

 Good Luck

Thanks I would appreciate

Thanks I would appreciate that, if you can email me at [email protected] I can give you

my address info. Also I have some Artic Silver heatsink compound I use for my high end PC, would

that work for the heatsink on this, if not I can probably get some at a local electronics store here

called Gateway electronics.  

Thanks for the continued support, I'm excited to get these chips installed and to do some troubleshooting. Will make it that much more to appreciate when I'm watching a fixed TV. 



I got my old D board out, yay

I got my old D board out, yay. Unscrewed the STK's and seperated them from the heatsinks, I'm

letting my iron heat up and have my soldering wick standing by. I did a test run disconnecting

everything then putting it all back in the tv, when I turned it back on the focus was out of 

adjustment quite a bit and the colors on the left side were flickering a wee bit, anything I need

to know when I get my new STK's in and go to hook it back up to make sure somethings not loose


Thanks for the help!


Larry Dillon
You must double and triple

You must double and triple check your work my friend.  Make sure there are no solder bridges anywhere on the IC's or any splsahes of solder anywhere.  Double check evey plug for connection, not just by a visual check, as some plugs or connectors could be slightly out or at an angle and may look good, but in reality, they are not.

Going good so far, love how

Going good so far, love how the manual says "turn the hv cable 90 degrees and pull out", doesn't

say " Push down like you are trying to push a toothpick through the ground to china " first.

I got the old STK's out, removed all the excess solder, checked for bridges, cleaned up the traces,

tested all the resistors including the SMD resistors on the bottom, and cleaned the old heatsink

compound off the heatsinks.

All I should need to do now is put the new STK's in, reapply the heatsink compound, put the

unit back in and test my voltages.

I'll let you know how the progess continues, thanks Larry!


Hey Larry, just so I know.

Hey Larry, just so I know. When I get the IC's put in and get it all put back together again. How will

I know if I was succesful? Will I turn it on and it be back to perfect, or will it look the same and I'll

have to do the manual convergence in the service menu? If you could let me know what to expect I

would appreciate it so I know I'm not doing something wrong. ( I haven't done the repair yet, but I

like to prepare for every contigency and know what is a failure and what is a sucess. ) 



Larry Dillon
It depends on how bad you

It depends on how bad you messed with the convergence after the convergence went out.  Most of the time, if you did nothing to try and correct the bad convergence, it may need a slight alighnment unless something else is wrong, but thats not set in stone my friend. 

While I did mess with the

While I did mess with the convergence drift, I never once used the memory +  0 combo to save

the settings, would this mean that none of the drift changes would have ever been saved?

If so then we should be in good shape.

Thanks again!




    I put the new IC chips in and I'm having the exact same problem, all the resistors had checked out,

is it possible the new IC's blew out already?

Wasn't there something about a fuse on the G board I should check? Any other suggestions? I dont know how to safely get in to check the 22v and -22v. help :(


Hey, I just tested the

Hey, I just tested the voltages. :)

I have +22 but I dont have -22 , what do I do now? :D

I tested it right at the G board connectors.

Help me Larry Dilon Kenobi, you're my only hope! :D


Larry, is it possible that

Larry, is it possible that this diode/rectifier is bad? I'm getting my +22 but not my -22

D5002 on the G Board, it provides +22 and -22, not getting -22

This is a moderate size diode with a heatsink attached.

I can't find this diode available online anywhere in the official part number.

You think this might be my problem?

 Let me know what I should do , if I should replace this diode, where to get it, or what your

thoughts are. Thanks!


Larry, I just trouble shot

Larry, I just trouble shot the G board from the connecter -22 back to the rectifier.

Indeed the 5a PS5001 is open/bad, is there anyway to bypass this safely to see if this fixes my problem temporarily or do I need to go ahead and replace it and also replace the d5002 rectifier?

Let me know your opinion, thanks !


Hey, I put in a 5am glass

Hey, I put in a 5am glass fuse in place and the tv works, gonna replace it with the ps5001 and not use it much till it comes in, however, I was adjusting the voltage/focus on the guns and got them pretty near perfect, except the blue, I get a halo in my blue and cant seem to reduce the voltage/adjust the focus enough to make the blue calibration dots the size of the others.

here is a new picture

Please let me know which of the service menu adjustments you think I should start with to fix this,

and if you think there is still a issue with a component other than the ps5001 fuse.

Thanks Larry! 

Larry Dillon
Tthe fuse instead of the CP

Tthe fuse instead of the CP will be fine.  After all, thats what a circuit protector is my friend. The picture you posted looks like the blue is still out a tad. Best way to look at this is with a grid type test pattern on the screen

Everything is proceeding well

Everything is proceeding well Larry, thanks for all your support it really helped build my confidence to perform this repair myself.

Here is my last outstanding issue/question.

The blue gun is out of focus on the left of the screen, the red is out of focus on the right.

I've maxed out the electrostatic focus settings on the resistor assy up front, should I go ahead and attempt the manual focus of the crt's as per the kp57ws500 tweak guide?

 Looks simple enough, open her up, disable all but the blue crt in the service menu, tape a piece of paper to the inside of the screen membrane (for better contrast some people say) and then loosen the wingnut and turn it to focus until I'm comfortable with it (would it be a good idea to set the electro static focus to medium settings before doing this so I can tweak it from there later?). 

So let me know if you think I should attempt the manual focus and if my procedure sounds plausiable. Thanks for your time and support! I will be sure to pass on the advice and success stories to others I see out there.


Larry Dillon
I doubt that your problem is

I doubt that your problem is optical focus, but you never know!?  You have done the static focus alighnment as described in the service manual?

Yea, I did the static focus

Yea, I did the static focus (electro static focus). I can get red into focus in the middle of the screen and blue into focus in the middle of the screen. What I can't get into focus is blue on the left hand side and red on the right hand side.

I replaced the fuse finally

I replaced the fuse finally with the official sony fuse and the convergence already picked up better on it's own, went ahead and fine tuned it and adjusted the manual focus and the set is even better looking, still have the slightest of halos on the blue color, but that could just be the gun started to lose it's edge.

Anyway thanks for all the help , my buddy wants me to help him with his tv now, and we can't find the manual for his tv anywhere on the net! :(

Any chance you might have it and be willing to send it to me via PANDA?

He has a Toshiba model 46h84 , thanks so much for your time and support!


Larry Dillon
That Toshiba manual manual is

That Toshiba manual manual is available HERE.  I do not have it, so I cannot give it to you.  Good Luck with this repair.

Hey Larry, thanks anyway on

Hey Larry, thanks anyway on the manual. I'll instruct him to buy that one.

Do you if the KP57WS500 supports a internal HDTV tuner? I don't have the owners manual for the set so I can't be sure myself.

Thanks for any info as always!


Larry Dillon
There is a free download of

There is a free download of this owners manual HERE

Hello Larry, Wanted to let

Hello Larry, Wanted to let you know 2 weeks into fixing the tv and it's still great.

However I am having one issue that is driving my wife more nuts than me.

Almost every night or every other night my focus goes out and I have to mess with the

static focus resistors behind the speaker grill to get it back into focus, which then makes

me have to do the convergence again.

The only thing I can think of is the HV line that runs from the restistor block to the power supply

doesn't have the little nice hook on the end of it anymore after I took the power supply out, so

it never really LOCKED back into place when reinserting it into the power supply. So it's kinda just 

being held in there by the force of the plastic boot. You think that it's maybe loose and providing

varying HV voltage to the resistor block? Anything I can do to fix the hook on the HV cord plugging 

into the G Board power supply so it sticks in there better? I thought about some gorilla glue maybe 

or something else, but I don't want to make it permanent in case I need to take the G board out for 

future repair. If you think the issue with the focus loss is somewhere else I'm all ears as well.

Thanks for your support over the past month!




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