SONY KP-57WS500 Convergence and Pincushion issue

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Larry Dillon
you will need to see if you

you will need to see if you can reshape it as it looks in the manual, if not you will need to replace it.

Larry Dillon said: I would

Larry Dillon said: I would not replace the board if you already had the stk IC's replaced.  just check the voltages.  If you do not have the service manual i will send you one.  just need the mail address.   Oh and also do not forget to put new heat sink compound on the back of the new IC's before installing them  Good Luck

Larry, any chance you could throw that service manual back up on Pando again? I emailed Rob and he was kind enough to link me to it in Pando but it's since expired. Thanks! Duane



I also have the sony kp-57ws500 that recently powered up with the convergence issue.   I would like to repair but an lacking the service manual.   Any chance you can send me or tell me how to get a copy of the manual?



Paul, I never did hear any

Paul, I never did hear any response from my post. If you get a response or find the manual anywhere, I'd love to get a copy as well. I'll do the same.


Larry Dillon
Before I can send anything to

Before I can send anything to anyone, I need an E-MAIL address! I cannot simply send it from here to space and expect it to go to you. That's why you did not get a copy.

Hi Larry,

Hi Larry,

I didn't post an email address originally because if I don't need to, I don't like posting my address on the web. My first attempt was just to see if you had it / could still send it out. I don't expect you to know where to send it. :)

Given your new post, here is it.

crieth AT gmail DOT com


Larry Dillon said: Great

Larry Dillon said: Great pictures my friend!  It is almost like I am there in your house, getting ready to replace the two stk convergence ICs.  Yeppers you heard me right, all of your problems are because of the convergence IC. But there may be other troubles a brewing here bud.  Do you have the service manual for this TV set?  If you do not, I have something I can share with you.  You might , just might have a problem with one or more of the B+ feeds going to the IC's. it would be the +24 and the - 24 volts. Could be resistors, CP's(circuit protectors)  You will need to make sure that after you replace , or have the convergence IC's replaced, that the voltages are present.  And dont forget to put new heat sink compound on the backs of the new ic's before you install them.

Hi. I know this thread is old. i have a kp57ws500. the picture look similar to this thread. to me it looks like the tv is in 3-d or something. tv say yr of april 2003

Larry Dillon said: Before I

Larry Dillon said: Before I can send anything to anyone, I need an E-MAIL address! I cannot simply send it from here to space and expect it to go to you. That's why you did not get a copy.

I will post it again.

[email protected] 

I have a KP-65WS510, I have

I have a KP-65WS510, I have replaced the 2 ICs and fuses on both boards. However, everytime I turn the set on it blows the 2 5amp fuses on the g board. I have checked all wires, traced and retraced all wires, replaced the fuses 3 times,I am out of answers. Any advice would be appreciated!

theefxman and Larry I have to

theefxman and Larry I have to thank the two of you and this great thread. I have been given the same TV as Theefxman has but it had a problem with red convergence. I replaced both the IC's, 3a pico and five 4.7ohm resistors but when I turned the tv back on I got a really bad pin cussion effect. I found the exact same problem with the 5a pico on the power supply blown. So far the TV has been working great. Just a thanks :)

Hey Larry, How's your summer

Hey Larry, How's your summer so far? :)

 Glad our thread helped other users so far.

 While we are on the subject of this model TV. I will say mine has started doing the Crackling/SNAP on power up occasionally. Most of the time its the RED that's doing it , occasionally the green.


You turn it on, it starts up fine, then the red gets pronounced in color, you get the red banding curves, then it goes SSSSSSSSSSSSSNAP and gets back in shape. The green has done it occasionally but not very often. I had a professional come back a few months after I did my original repair and put in the official sony covergence chips and he also touched up a lot of cold solder joints. 


With the snapping, should I start to be worried, since it sounds to me like others have their guns go out shortly after. Is there any preventative measures I can take to be proactive?


Thanks for any info!





Larry Dillon
sounds like it is the picture

sounds like it is the picture tubes going bad, or the High voltage block going bad, open the back of the set and make the room dark and see if you can see where the arching is of the high voltage.

theefxman have you ever seen

theefxman have you ever seen a "Error G Low S0" error? I tried to use the flash focus while in the service menu to get a better adjustment to the convergence and it gives me a error. I did it once and it worked really well. Now it just spits a error. wondering if my problems are not over? (I am not trying to hijack your thread. Just wondering if its common.)

thanks. :)

I want to thank all those

I want to thank all those that contribute to this community board. I would not have been able to repair my Sony KP57wS500 rear projection TV without all the wonderful ideas brought forth. I had a similar convergence problem. One day I just turned my TV on and bam, concave top and convex bottom with all three colors (Blue, Green, Red) separated. I did not realize this issue was typical with Sony rear projection TV's. I replace the two STK 392-560 IC's and a 5A fuse on the power board (G board as referenced in this section). Just some helpful things to keep in mind.
1- The two red wires in the sling-back (I believe this is the high voltage transformer) on the D board should always be separated from the block side (not on the board side). The heavy wire takes a little effort pushing in and twisting until in uncouples. The thinner wire that goes to the adjustment board will pull out.
2- I found the desoldering tool from Radio Shack (about $10 plus change) excellent. One hand operation and very fast.
3- When removing the STK's, one may be stuck due to the heat sink compound drying up. I found by inserting a small allen wrench inside the mount hole and prying a bit, it will eventually snap off.
4- Always check the fuses on the power board. This board is easily removed by removing the one screw on the base, sliding out and lifting. Uncouple the wires attached and your in business. The two fuses in mind are together, one on top and one on bottom. They are a yellowish tan pico with a gold band that says 5000 on it. The top one was the one on my set that was bad. I would not be too concerned about finding an original pico fuse. I believe the gold band is probably a tolerance band. I would go for a very fast acting or fast acting fuse.
5- Use a heat sink compond on the STK's. I believe the original compound was a white silicon base type. I had both "Arctic Blue" and the white silicone type. Although I believe the Artic Blue is better, I went for what was originally applied. Both can be found at Radio Shack.
6- Always make sure your wires are clear when installing the G board. I found after installing the board some of the connectors fell behind the board. I had to remove it again to gain access to the wires and plugs.
7- When ordering your STK's, make sure they are the same part number from a reputable manufacturer or original part. I found an excellent site to order these parts at a reasonalbe price and fast delivery time. They are quality and original parts by Sanyo. The site I ordered was

I hope everyone who does this task have the same luck as me. Just take your time, don't be impatient and check your work over before reinstalling. Good luck.

Larry Dillon
your welcome, and thanks for

your welcome, and thanks for the feedback, some really great advise!

Larry, could you send me the

Larry, could you send me the service manual for the kp-57ws500? How close of a adjustment is realistic when looking at the dot pattern?

Is it common to get a "Error G Low S0" error when doing a flash focus while in service mode?

Thanks Larry
[email protected]

Larry Dillon
That nmanual is available in

That nmanual is available in the technicians corner for a free download please check there first. Go to the home page , click on the resourses tab at the top left, then on the technicians corner box, then on the view list

I have done that Larry. but I

I have done that Larry. but I have not found it. Not one WS500 manual on the page. I did find a copy in the intertubes (funny I could not find it earlier). I uploaded it to the Tech area for others in need.

Anyone have info on error low G S0?

I know that this thead is

I know that this thead is rather old, but out of curiousity, how mcuh are these convergence circuits, and where do you get them? Also, how much should I expect to pay for someone else to do this repair? Thanks!

Larry Dillon
you have several options here

you have several options here.You could simply replace the entire D board, you can check pricing and availability at,, or try tristate module repair. Or any local Sony parts distribuor. Or you can replace the convergence IC's and the bad pico fuses if you have enough solid state printed circuit board repair expeience, and know how to solder, for abour 30 to 40 buck if not less!or to get a pro to do it, a fair price is about 250 to 300 buck but I know many folks pay around 400 bucks or so.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the quick reply. I was looking at the internals of the TV earlier and found the two convergence IC's. I don't know which fuses and resistors to replace though. Is it any easier to replace the entire D board? Is there any soldering involved with replacing the whole board? An finaly, what kind of cost for the whole board am I looking at? Thanks again for the help!

Does anyone happen to have

Does anyone happen to have the part number for the entire D board? And again, is there any soldering involved with replacing the D board?

HI larry

HI larry
what u think about magnitice coil in Hor section it might get open or short cheak that .i dont have service manual if u sand me one on my e add is [email protected] .

Larry Dillon
no soldering when replacing

no soldering when replacing the D board. part number. A-1300-417-A

Larry Dillon said: no

Larry Dillon said: no soldering when replacing the D board. part number. A-1300-417-A

Well, I am not finding that part for anything less than $200.  Any suggestions on where to look? Also, if I do decided to replace the whole D board, are there fuses or resistors in any locations other than the D board that I would still need to replace.  Forgive my ignorance if there are NO fuses or resistors on the D board at all.  Again, I cannot thank you enough for the help!

Larry Dillon
there are two pico fuses on

there are two pico fuses on the G board that go bad, they are green in color and do no look like rgular glass fuses. you shouldbcontact call them and see what the will charge to rebuild yours or exchange your bosrd. good luck

First off I have been reading

First off I have been reading all of the informative posts on this thread and I do know that this is an older thread but I would like to thank all of you for the information. Secondly I have what I believe to be the same problem out of my KP-57WS500 television. My set has a pincushion issue or a bowtie shape to the picture along with convergence problems. I can get the picture to look half way alright in the center but on the sides the 3 colors are separated while it has a slight inward arch at the top and bottom towards the center. I bought this TV for 50 bucks with the hope of fixing it under 100 dollars. The guy that I bought it from had it from new and said that it just went out one day so he tried replacing the two convergence chips on the "D" board with some that he was told would work but their part numbers are different. Instead of STK392-560's he replaced them with STK392-570's. I cleaned up his soldering and tried replacing what I thought were the 5a pico fuses on the "G" board with 5a glass fuses from AutoZone to see if they were the problem. Still it has no change in picture. My questions are.... Should I put the old stk chips back? If I run an ohm meter on the pico fuses would I get a reading through them with them being removed from the "D" board? Can anyone tell me where to find any other pico fuses that I would need to check? If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Houston, we have a problem. I

Houston, we have a problem. I have a KP-57WS500, turn it on and it works fine for 10-15 minutes, then it all fads to blue. I have looked at the online manual. It doesn't address this in the troubleshooting section (pg 73-76). Any Help out there would be appreciated.


I have been reading through this thread and I must say that I am impressed. I have a KP-57WS500 and it has curved white lines. I was wondering if someone could provide with with the manual and detail instruction on how to repair it and where to purchase the parts. You can send the instructions to [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your help!

Can someone please help me. I

Can someone please help me. I had the same problem as Rob who posted above. Convergence problem. I replaced both STK IC chips, and also a 5 amp fuse. When I finished my problem was fixed and looked fantastic. Shortly after, and
getting moe frequent is another problem. Only the left side of the screen the convergence sometimes goes out. Looks like maybe only the blue. In the PJE Error mode I get a 211 code. Referring to the manual this means
----(check sensor 1, connection/wiring, circuit, and pattern position (are patterns hitting sensor?) adjust 69 HLE, 67 VMID if necessary.)----
This is greek to me. If anyone can offer some insight it would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards, Josh



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