Sony Vaio Microphone Not working!

Hi, I am new to all of this. Sorry if these seems really dumb to all you experts!

I cannot seem to get the mic on my Sony Viao to work. It was working but now it has stopped. All very annoying.

Can anyone suggest why?

Many thanks!


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iam using vgncs3agh laptop

iam using vgncs3agh laptop there is problem in motherboad the service center has changed the motherboard after that microphone and touch pad is not working please help me.

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I have the same problem. My

I have the same problem. My SONY VAIO is running on Windows 7. When I go to control panel "sounds" option and to "recording" tab, the device is shown but the whole image is faded type and says "Not plugged in".

This does not make any sense because my laptop has built-in microphone in it.

Please help if any advice regarding this problem.


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Well, It will work again. Go

Well, It will work again. Go to your control panel and open "sound" which opens up to a small window with four tabs namely Playback, Recording, Sound and Communication. Click on the tab written "Recording" and you may either see one or no microphone icon. Just right-click inside the space and you will see a disply to tick in order to show devices and you are back again.

But if the dispaly is faded and could not come up, then you need to meet the PC technician to fix it. Thanks.

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Hi, I am having the same

Hi, I am having the same problem about internal microphone stopped working, in Sony VPCSB18GG. My oparating System is Windows 7. I checked going to Control Panel then inside Hardware and Sound, and finally Manage Audio Driver everything is ok in configuration and properties except 'Set Default' can't be press.
Please reply, my microphone is still not working
Thank you

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for mic problems in sony vaio

for mic problems in sony vaio,
go to control panel, then, sounds, click on recording tab, right click in the frame, then, enable the mic........

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I have a Sont Viao and it

I have a Sont Viao and it sucks
it randomly uninstalled my mic i dont know what to do?

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ok my laptop was fine on

ok my laptop was fine on friday but when i came back on monday from a trip it wouldnt work... such as i log in and it will either come to a blank white page or to a weird page and it doesnt show any toolbars or anything like that! im on a deployment right now and have no way to get to a best buy or something like that

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Sounds you may be hi jacked

Sounds you may be hi jacked it's a type of malware/spyware most antivirus can't detect it, last time I checked, it's been a while.

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Please someone help. I have a

Please someone help. I have a sony vaio and windows 7, and I have tried everything listed above. My microphone was working yesterday and just stopped today. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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hello i have a VGN-NS240E and

hello i have a VGN-NS240E and my webcam recording is not functioning right, every time i record something you cant hear the voice you only hear this whoooooooooooooooooooos sound. i already tries going on to the control panel and also went to the setting on the webcam page

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need help guys recently my

need help guys recently my vaio is not properly supporting the earphone mic i was playing the pubg mobile (emulator version) b



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