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DonV and everybody that has

DonV and everybody that has had the same issue.

I have a D52W15B

over the past 4-5 moinths I have had the same issue as DonV explained. My tv would flicker, the image would disapear sometimes it would come back and then sometimes it would turn off on it's own. Until about a week ago it went off after being on for about a half an hour. I meant to mess with it this past weekend and just didn't get to it. I had some time off today and a lot of you with the same issue.

This is what I found:

I have plenty of experience with electronics so please, if you plan on digging in be careful.

1.) Whenever I turned the tv on I would hear a"sizzle" kind of like a crackle and smelled a light smoke. I took off the bottom back cover (the cover that protects the electronics for the component interconnects). I turned it on, didn't touch anything inside, and saw an electrical arc and found where my problem was. I then disconnected the TV.

2.) It was located underneath this component(http://www.geocities.com/krazassjms/RandomPics/Component_copy.jpg (It is the white component with the copper wire windings on it)) on the board. It is the board to the left of the RCA/component plugs.

3.) I removed the boards by disconnecting a couple of the wiring harnesses and ribbon cables to check the bottom of the board as the components are through-hole components. I found that one of the solder joints had come loose(http://www.geocities.com/krazassjms/RandomPics/Solder_copy.jpg ). I cleaned off what I thought was a bad burn with some electronic contact cleaner. I simply soldered it back in place and put everything back and now have a fully functioning TV once more.

If your warranty is up, are handy with a soldering iron and have the same exact problem I had give it a shot. If you are not familiar with simple precautions when dealing with high voltages please don't try it as you might seriously injure yourself.

I just wanted to post as reading what you fine folks described gave me a bit of hope. I really don't have another two grand to drop on a new tv. Thank you all!

I have a d52w20 I am getting

I have a d52w20 I am getting a picture through the pip but not on the main screen i checked the connections everything is ok not getting any channels through auto programing done all the usual troubleshooting still when i swap the pip and the main just getting pic in pip not on main can anyone help

johnny sambrano
i have rca d52w20 chasis itc

i have rca d52w20 chasis itc 222 when i pressed the pwr button it would blink three time and shut off

just did the repair that

just did the repair that jesus juice recommended. worked great thanks for the tip.

Larry Dillon
That is a very common problem

That is a very common problem with a lot of RCA models. That is called the pin correction choke/coil.the reason it gets a bad connection so often is the coil handles a lot of current so it gets hot. then the solder connection gets cold and goes bad.

Thanks for the info Larry,

Thanks for the info Larry, that makes plenty of sense.

Happy to help petee50.

Gina68 said: Hi Don, In my

Gina68 said: Hi Don, In my case, the latest problem (similar symptoms) was a small break in one of the boards (I forget which one)..but the repairman soldered the board I believe I paid a good $200. If you are handy however, you'd save a few bucks. It took him no time at all-I think he was here a half hour in all. In the previous visit, it ended up being the control panel on the front-it had a short. He disconnected it for a while, which meant the only way to turn on and off was with the remote--so nobody really missed the front panel. We had no incident of it powering off during that time. Then the decision was made that the control panel would be replaced. Honestly, if you try disconnecting the panel and it stops the turning off problem --I am guessing you could just skip replacing it unless it really bothers you. Hope this helps Good luck! Gina

Hi everyone,

  Its been a while I know bit I finally got around to trying to fix my TV.  Like I said I found a bad spot on the board under a capacitor.  If you look at this picture, its the grey rectangle behind the yellow circled object.


 The board was well burnt and didnt look like it was going to be fixable without a new board.  I cleaned the board with isoproyl alcohol and I resoldered the spot under the capacitor leg and the TV works again. 

I wound up buying a new 42" LCD flat screen at costco for $699 and tossed this one in the basement until I got around to it.  I cant tell you how many times I almost threw it out.


Oh well, we'll see how long it lasts.

Mark G
I have an RCA situation here

I have an RCA situation here as well, because of no service manual, not sure where to go next.
RCA HD52W59 w/ ITC222 chassis, (yeah I know its junk)
turn on Power button, LED blinks 3 times, then nothing (this is RCA's 3 strikes, no go circuit)

Have replaced Flyback (259296) and CP120, CP150 & CP114 w/ no luck still
would anyone happen to know where to go to next?????
I was told by some crappy pay-site that this was the issue, well apparently it is not...lol
Any suggestions will be mucho appreciated!!
Thank you for your time,
Mark G

PS: Have checked the 3 pico fuses near flyback as well, all good.....

don't won't a new tv
I have this same RCA tv model

I have this same RCA tv model number d52w20 for about 4 years now. Recently the sound went out. Beautiful picture still with no sound. Has anyone experience this problem before? I was wondering after reading all the other blogs would cleaning off the circuit board be my solution?

thanks for your reply,

don't won't a new tv

I have this same tv and recently the sound stopped on it. Everything else is working well. What could be my problem?

Larry Dillon
quick question what gave you

quick question what gave you the Silly idea that cleaning off the circuit board would fix the sound in your set??? maybe if you know for sure that the crt's are leaking onto the sound/video board it could help but I seriously doubt it man!!!!!

Mark G
52HD RCA projection....was

52HD RCA projection....was working, w/ intermittent power off, give it a couple and would come back on...NOW, try it and just get 3 clicks, 3 flashes front LED.

I have replaced:
3 caps associated w/ flyback

Simple Power supply puts out the proper voltage
3 pico's near flyback ok
disconnecting other circuits (convergence, CRT's) still gets 3 blinkers...so guessin its NOT Convergence, CRT, or Audio board issue
Coolant is fine w/ no leaks

Have pulled HV/deflect board out, and resoldered ANY point that even looked funny...lol

still get 3 blinkys..

This one is killin me.....

really dont think a web sites gonna help w/ this one, but its the effort that counts...lol

can't wait for a response to

can't wait for a response to that .....same here.

Larry Dillon
on the horizontal output

on the horizontal output transistor connected to the base is a small coil marked L4401 or 4101 you need to disconnect it and scrap off each end and resolder it back in do not just resolder it as that is only a temp fix. you need to for sure scrap off the two ends and see if that helps. if not replace the hot transistor and also resolder all the connections on the hot driver transformer.
Larry D.

Mark G
Larry, there is no L4401 or

Larry, there is no L4401 or 4101 coil on here, i see all coils labled as LLXXX or LPXXX
see LL220, LL037, LL029, LL204, LL001, LP020, LP070

RCA 52" projection tv model HD52W59


Mark G
Update: found a tiny variable

Update: found a tiny variable pot that was hidden underneath a plastic cover, see red circle--

It appears busted, has "471" printed on it, assuming this is 470 ohm??

what is the purpose of this and not sure where to set it, once i get a replacement

(replaced it with a temp vari, and got HV to fire up, but still no pic, am waiting for proper part replacement)




Mark G
Anyone know where this board

Anyone know where this board could be for sale @ online???....lol

Mark G
Update: Finally have set

Update: Finally have set powering up and staying on, I can hear the HV building up, and all stays on, but no pic and no audio what so ever, 1st problem i think i resolved by re soldering major points such as Filter caps, coils, flyback etc.
Will hear relay clik on and hear HV build up, front green light stays on, altho still dont know value or purpose of broken variable mentiond above.....obviously I'm talking to myself, as the site help is all but here, but am recording these babblings for posterity and future references for myself then.....;)


Larry Dillon
that variable resistor you

that variable resistor you say is busted is the varistor you will need to replace the entire-block als I see a capacitor in between a heat-sink and looks like it is shorting against the metal heatsink you need to replace that cap with the right one.
Larry Dillon.

Larry Dillon
mark you will need to look at

mark you will need to look at the schematic and see what they use for that model of set!!??
Larry D.

Mark G
its for the USYS voltage

its for the USYS voltage adjust (pp180), have schemat but i dont have a parts list. would like to know the value of it, btw, those caps are fine, new, and not touching anything

Larry Dillon
I am sorry not familiar with

I am sorry not familiar with that set or circuit.

Well I too have had the same

Well I too have had the same problem as all of you ... my RCA 52

Steve Wilkes
I have the same problems and

I have the same problems and my RCA repair man said to throw it away and get me a new Television. I paid $700.00, for my RCA D52W20, 5 years ago and had NO problems until now. My mom's 20 year old RCA still plays fine with no problem. Go Figure.

don't won't a new tv
I almost took my tv to the

I almost took my tv to the repairman, until someone said to me that I could hook a receiver up to my directv box and get sound through it and that's what I did. I am so thankful for not having to spend the money on the repair.

Hi All,

Hi All,

I've been reading about everyone's issues and had the same problem with the 52' RCA turning on and off, then finally shutting down for good. Thankfully it was still under warranty. Now I have a problem with the picture. It stays red and you can see faint lines throughout the screen. You can still see the menu screen, but only for awhile. The red background begins to take over and eventually you can't see anything but red. So the question is, do I have a coolant leak, is my picture tube bad, or is there a problem with the picture circuit board?

I have this same problem but

I have this same problem but only when i have an x-box or playstation hooked up, why is this?

Hello.  I was hoping that

Hello.  I was hoping that someone could assist me with the problem i'm having with my RCA TV (D52W20).  I recently experienced an issue with the TV not turning on.  I checked the cabeling and all is good.  What I am noticing is that the LED light on the power button flashes three times.  light flashes, stays off for three seconds and does the same process two more times.

 I've had some good luck on this website with other TV's i own, i'm hoping someone could assist me with what I can check or where to start troubleshooting this problem.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.


On a D52W20 that had been

On a D52W20 that had been shutting off and on, then would not turn on at all, repaired by replacing cp150, obviously bulged.

Larry Dillon
Great tip, thanks, do you

Great tip, thanks, do you know what circuit that capacitor is located in?
Larry D.



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