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Hi Larry. Cp150, location F4

Hi Larry. Cp150, location F4 on the power/scan board, surrounded by a U shaped heat sink. On the previous page of this thread, in the pictures, it is the one where someone used an axial that "looks like it is shorted to the heatsink". I used a 2200uf 35v radial, the other caps checked (with my cheap ESR meter) and looked ok.
Resoldered the flyback and coil on princpal and checked for other bad solder.

Larry Dillon
thanks I will make a note on

thanks I will make a note on that in the chassis manual!!!
Larry D.

Thank you guys I will test

Thank you guys I will test that capacitor out. Do any of you have the service manual for the TV (D52W20). could you please send me the link to obtain one?

Thank you.

Hello again, does anyone have

Hello again, does anyone have the service manual for a RCA (D52W20) that I can get?

How to find the service

How to find the service manual for your tv
This is a tip that applies to anyone looking for the service manual for any tv.

First find out which chassis your tv model has.
Search the web with the model number from the back of the set and the word chassis, in your case D52W20; search for D52W20 chassis.
You should be able to view a few of the search results and figure out which chassis your model has.
Then search with the chassis number and the words service manual, in your case ITC222; search for ITC222 service manual.

You should find a few links to the manual you need. If you don't get any good results try a different search engine, and/or a different browser. If your model number has spaces or slashes or hyphens, try searching with and without them.

A ITC222 manual happens to be in the Techlore downloads section, some manuals there are listed by model number, some by chassis.

Larry Dillon
there are lots and loads of

there are lots and loads of manuals thanks to you and several others you are saving lots of folks tons of cash by being generous with your manuals. if anyone needs a specific service manual post the request on the technicians corner, myself as well as others, will do their best to upload the manual asap
Larry Dillon

I inherited my D52W20 from a

I inherited my D52W20 from a cousin. Wouldn't turn on, I found CP150 bulged out, so I replaced it. Heard a loud pop, it was bulged again. Worked for 2 days, good picture and sound, and now the same thing. Should I try again, this time replace all 3, CP114, CP120, CP150?

Yes, next step is do all 3

Yes, next step is do all 3 now, up the voltage rating on the caps,use hi temp 105's. Resolder HOT, flyback, coil, transformer. Check for bad solder elsewhere.

Larry Dillon
also make sure you install

also make sure you install all three caps correctly and DO NOT BUY THOSE CHEAP radio shack capacitors as these I have found to cause loads of problems.
Larry Dillon

I have a 52" RCA D52W20 When

I have a 52" RCA D52W20 When I turn on my TV recently you can hear it turn on and then suddenly turn back off, and it will do this three times. My guess is the system is shutting down to protect itself. Every once in a while it will turn on but there is a weird sizzling sound that comes from the rear of the unit then wavy lines on the screen either red, green or blue.

hello, I have visually

hello, I have visually checked the boards and the caps and they look fine. The CP caps, there are several of them, but they look fine. The TV doesn't power on, the LED lights up green about three times and then just turns off, no picture or sound. Does anyone have any advise in what I should do?

my rca d52w20 chassis Itc222

my rca d52w20 chassis Itc222 when you push power it blinks the button light but thats all then it turns off only one slow flash of light

jessie Schmitz
My Rca has been working fine

My Rca has been working fine but the other day kids watching movie and the screen turned a tan color and the went black. Turned off about 15 min later came on just fine. then about 2 hours later went black again.. Please help still work just goes black after about 2 hours

I have a 52" RCA D52W20, and

I have a 52" RCA D52W20, and the issue I am having may have already been covered, but I have read this entire thread, and did not see it. When turning on my TV, and having the back large panel off of the TV, I hear the sizzling and squealing noises coming from the what I believe is the Flyback component, with the red wire going into it. If the lightining is darker, I can sometimes see blue arcs of electricity come from the rubber housing at the top of this red cable. Is this easily fixable, should I remove and re-seat it or what?

Just a side note, this is my second repair attempt on my RCA TV. I have already replaced all the common capacitors CPXXX mentioned in other posts in this thread, which got the TV working for 5 months before these problenms came up again.



steve thomas
i have a rca 52w20 i push the

i have a rca 52w20 i push the power button the button lights up then flashes twice then shuts off, does anyone have any ideas that may help me please?

steve thomas
i have an rca 52w20 and when

i have an rca 52w20 and when i push the power button the light comes on then flashes 2 times then shuts off any ideas on what i can do to fix this please?

I had a problem of a humming

I had a problem of a humming noise that progressivly got worse one month after buying D52W20. The repairman fixed under warr. and the part was free because of a recall. 4-5 years later the dreaded turn off by itself game begun. I was tired of umpluging the RCA JUNK. I then grabbed ahold of the screen and pulled it toward me and violently shook the tv back and forth until the tv came back on. I learned while watching, when all of the sudden the tv turned off by itself i had two more chances to shake the darn thing. If I did'nt get up on time to shake it I would have to wait 5 or ten minutes to try again. It seems it has a 3 power up rule and then shuts itself down after the third attempt. As earlier mentioned "MODFIXER" explained of a CRT coolant leak. and usually shorts the driver board. If it is shorted it would never come back on. I'm going to check and make sure all the ribbons are plugged in tightly. In the meen time I purchased a new plazma 50" from LG. 899.00 to the door with a free blue ray player. I won't buy another RCA again. Good vonsumer tip before buying anything go to the internet and check your product out. If I did I surly would not have mad this purchase. A total waste of 900.00 dollars!!!

My D52W20 will attempt to

My D52W20 will attempt to power on but then the switch will flash on and off a few times and quit for a few minutes but won't completely power up

Mine is having the same

Mine is having the same problem any idea what to do?

you can get the coolant leak

you can get the coolant leak fixed for a large sum or throw it away and buy yourself a new flat screen. I found out it is almost impossible to give a projection tv away that works. I tried to ger RCA to do something but they said sorry that the warr. was out. Nothing to do but cut your losses.

I had a similar problem that

I had a similar problem that I have correctly diagnosed and repaired, tv is working great now, after the sizzling noise. At the top of the picture you see a multi ribbed metal heat sheild with a black "Chip" glued to is with white heat sink paste. directly below you will see a tanish/grey rectangular componant that seems to be about twice as long as the black "Chip". The rectangular componant is soldered to th underside of the carbon board. I flipped the board over and found that the piece had become unsoldered. I plugged the system back in and turnned it on to find that the unsoldered piece is arcing to the point where it should be soldered causing a blue flame. Simply resolder and youre back in business. any questions, email me at [email protected]

I have the same problem, but

I have the same problem, but the power light came on for about 10 sec. then went out. After some searching on the web, and some good advice, I found that if you unplug the set for a couple min. and plug it back in, it will reset itself and work fine... at least this worked for me. Hoped this helped. Good luck.

I have a RCA #HD52W59 tv. It

I have a RCA #HD52W59 tv. It has sound but no picture. Does anyone know where the bulbs are?

Matt Hann
okay well i visited this

okay well i visited this sight cause i was having problems with my tv too. i noticed that the blue light in front would blink three times then i;d have to wait awhile to turn it on. it would never turn on. if i held the button down long enough it would blink once with a series of 9 following. It seemed like it wasnt getting any power. well i solved it by realizing that there was a black wire i thought it was pointless but it was the ground wire. it was the key wire for power lol well it fits perfect right on one of the lights screws. slide it on and MAKE SURE IT TOUCHES THE SIVER WASHER. it needs to touch raw metal in order to work right.

Well that solved mine so i hope its the same for you all! :)

Joe brown
I also have one of these RCA

I also have one of these RCA projections itc222 I have five flashes pause then nine flashes and repeats that over and over want turn on nothing I would really like to try and fix this thing any suggestions please

Well heres the error for 59

Well heres the error for 59 dont ask me what it means becuse I have no idea. 59 Wrong GenCAM Version Used GenCAM cut 2.1 Must Be Used

Big cheese
I have a 52inch projection

I have a 52inch projection sony tv purchased around 2000 it flashes black while watching or during gameplay if i can fix it i own it free any help

I got my RCA HDTV model

I got my RCA HDTV model #D52W20 from a friend who thought she had a power surge. When I turn on the tv it has the snow picture. I hooked up an attenna to it and it wont detect reception. I then hooked up my vcr to it and it has a great picture to it yet. Does anyone know why I cant get reception either through an attenna or my satalite? I can still use it to watch movies but would love to be able to get channels on it to?

hey chief
why does my tv have no sound

why does my tv have no sound but it works fine. Any trouble shooting ideas? It was working and all of a sudden.. no sound

I was just recently just

I was just recently just given a 52 inch rca model:D52W20. Here is what learned about that clicking sound in mine. The cp150-2200uf/16v was bulged at both ends. Of course i read the forum on here and decided to put in my two bits about this tv. The guy bought it to wacth a football game, and didnt like the tv cause one of the teams lost, then they had issues with it. So in return i collect junk electronics as a hobby during the winter months and make a little money doing it. Well I spent 7 hours total working on this and cleaning it. After i replaced the caps with one that has higher voltage (cp150-2200uf/25v) i plugged it in and no three clicks or nonthing but came right on. I'm sitting here now watching fast and furious on it now talk about awsome.
SO IF there's someone wants some up left in life something can be up lifting in life, just try that if it wont turn on for ya.I think i got lucky.



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