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Why I Returned My PSP

Yes, I returned it.

Back in this thread I was pretty excited to have one, my head brimming with the possibilities! Within hours, I had figured out how to convert and play video on it, and then word started to spread about how to hack your home wireless network to allow you to surf the web. I even learned how to put e-books on it in a mostly-readble format.

Besides the hacks, the screen was gorgeous, and even the bundled Spider-Man 2, one of my favorite movies of the year, definitely added to device's value. I almost never got tired of watching Spidey and Doc Ock duke it out atop a Chicago elevated train (yes, Chicago - I saw Sam Raimi filming on the El with my own two eyes). But what about the games?

Blogs Launched

Tonight was a big night for TechLore! In just over 4 months from our launch date, we are already on our fourth release of our custom-built community platform.
Several new features were released tonight on the website - The TechLore Blogs and subscriptions/notifications being the biggest of the bunch.

With the Blogs, accessible on the blog main menu, we hope to give you insight into the minds of several of our community experts. These bloggers will start appearing and blogging over the next days and weeks. We hope that you are enlightened by what they have to say and provide them with feedback through our discussion mechanism.

This TechLore Team blog in particular will give you an inside track into the inner workings of TechLore and the community itself.

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Win a NETGEAR Digital Entertainer HD

From 8/8/2007 to 10/8/07, stop by and take a quick, four question survey telling us about what entertains you. Those who complete the survey will be entered to win one of four brand new NETGEAR EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HDs. Learn how you can win!

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