Blogs Launched

Tonight was a big night for TechLore! In just over 4 months from our launch date, we are already on our fourth release of our custom-built community platform.
Several new features were released tonight on the website - The TechLore Blogs and subscriptions/notifications being the biggest of the bunch.

With the Blogs, accessible on the blog main menu, we hope to give you insight into the minds of several of our community experts. These bloggers will start appearing and blogging over the next days and weeks. We hope that you are enlightened by what they have to say and provide them with feedback through our discussion mechanism.

This TechLore Team blog in particular will give you an inside track into the inner workings of TechLore and the community itself. We are excited to get things going as we have quite a bit of information that we want to communicate.

Keep track of all of the blogs, forum posts and new articles by subscribing to our RSS feeds. Go to the Community menu to find our RSS feeds that are available to you. You'll notice that when you now create a new thread in a forum, you are given the option to be emailed when someone else adds a comment to the thread. This handy little feature makes it much easier for you to keep track of your posts.

A new 'Community News' sidebox was also added on the home page as well as an updated community profile page for our members. There are also some other new, intriguing features that we won't mention right now, but as you navigate through the site, you should notice them.

As always, we LOVE to hear from the community. Keep the feedback coming!



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