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Digital Cameras Vs. Film - some thoughts

I have a dream about... authorized collaboration.

Knowledge management is more than just contributing, discovering and consuming content. Not only do I have to be able to store the right stuff, find the right stuff and learn from the right stuff, but what I am and am not authorized to see has to be managed. A platform like TechLore has to be intelligent enough to make sure that the right people see content and the wrong people don't. It's two halves of the same whole.

So, here's the vision... Imagine this platform as the solution to my company's knowledge management needs. Let's say my company is Widgets-R-Us, the leading maker of widgets in the fantasy of my own mind. Here at WRU, we know alot about widgets that we need to store and manage so that it can be effectively shared with the various makers and movers and shakers in our company. This is internal information. The TechLore platform can help with that.

I have a dream about... knowledge management.

MP3 player comparison

I was going to write about cameras today, but I have spent the last few days buying and playing with MP3 players.

Currently, each member of my familly (except Kitty and Eli - the dogs) has an MP3 player.

They are all different types and brands, so I thought I would do a comparison.

I currently am using an Ipod shuffle on loan from tech lore.

Yesterday my youngest son bought a Sony network walkman.(With his birthday money, he turned 13 on Thursday - happy birthday Matt :-)

Josh, my oldest (14) has my old player, a RIO sport.

Mike, my husband, uses his pocket PC, a dell axim.

I will be buying one in the next few weeks for myself, and probably will buy a Sony.

Part 3 - Buying a treadmill

When you go to purchase a treadmill:

1.) Take your time - allow 20 minutes to test each one that you are serious

2.) Dress in clothes similar to what you would wear when exercising

3.) wear/bring the shoes you will wear

Make sure to allow time to test the treadmill. If you plan to run on your treadmill, run on it. Walk on it. Listen to it.

Notice how the deck feels, pay attention to the waranty, can you return it if you are not happy with it.

Get a powerful motor. Ask about how much weight the treadmill is supposed to bear, the heavier the weight, the more sturdy the treadmill.

Thats the end of treadmill buying. Next weeks subject will be digital cameras and the toys that go with them. :-)

Buying a treadmill part 2

Treadmill have a wide variety of gadgets that are available on them. The most gadget laden seem to be the Nordic Trak treadmills.

Here are a list of the gadgets that come connected - which I use and which I wouldn't waste time on:

1.) Fans - nice. Loud, interferes with listening to the TV. I wouldn't pay extra for them, but I do use them some.

2.) Ifit capable. - This lets you connect your laptop or dvd player to your treadmill, and will control the incline and speed of your treadmill while letting you listen to music (Not music you would hear on the readio, generic voice free music) and / or watch pretty scenery. Some people like this. You can virtually walk through the grand canyon, or hawaii. I prefer to watch Buffy the Vampire slayer. It is more distracting.

3.) 1 touch speed / incline controls.



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