I have a dream about... knowledge management.

Dear TechLore...

I have to say that I really love this site. I find answers to my CE-related questions here all the time, I find myself enjoying the ability to showcase what I know (when I actually know something worth showcasing), and now I get to babble about in my own blog. Pretty cool.

So, it occurs to me as I use this site that there's no reason the same kind of platform couldn't be used to deal with knowledge management issues in general. So, for instance, why couldn't I have my company's knowledge base stored in this kind of platform? Especially if you expanded upon things like the "who's most proficient" side box I see my name cropping up in for MP3 players (I'm flattered, by the way).

Anyway, with a few more bells and whistles -- like allowing me to attach documents, include searchable metadata of my choosing, maybe even to create templates other that just "article" and "quicktip" for data entry, etc -- this thing could rock pretty well in a knowledge management context.

How's the rest of the world feel about crazy idea #1?



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