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"To PC or to Xbox?", that is the question.

I'm faced with a delima. I just changed jobs (I joined Capable Networks, as you know), and my old company owns a bunch of equipment that I've come to rely on. So now, I've got to send back (among other things) my desktop PC in my office.

So, I'm faced with an interesting choice...

I could build a pretty sweet machine for well under $1k. So, that's definitely option #1.

Dance Pads - just some general thoughts

1.)The metal pads will last the longest (I want one)

2.) The really cheap 20 dollar pads wear out quickly

3.) Getting the dance pads with the zipper in foam liner makes dancing way more comfortable

4.) Some of the better pads (around the 80 dollar price range) are so sensitive you will do better if you don't stand in the center of the pad, but balance between moves on the left and right arrows.

5.) No pad is effective when your dog is also trying to dance on the pad at the same time. (She just doesn't get it, it looks like so much fun, why can't she play also?)


If you are not sure how much you will play start with a pad in the 30 dollar range that has zip in foam padding. If you find you will play it a lot, try to get a metal one.

Metal ones are the only ones to wear shoes with.

Phillips Shoqbox

A new take on the traditional MP3 player. This has an FM tuner, holds either 256 or 512 MB, depending on which on eyou buy. Acts as a speaker system for other MP3 players. Has a rechargable battery and carrying case.

I got one for my husband to listen to while he works out in the garage, or whenever he doesn't want headphones. He had wanted a new clock radio and I thought this would be a nice step up from his last one. I don't know how good the sound is yet, but I will let you know.

You sadistic parent!

You sadistic parent!

I meant I wouldn't do that to my kid!
I don't have one. I'm still ok :))

Holy Digital Era!

If I die before I wake
Pray the Lord my soul to take
Or give me at least a USB Bible!
So you guessed! It's an USB Holy Bible.
No comment.

From the guys from Red Ferret:
And the link to the product:



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