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Congratulations to the TechLore Holiday Contest Winners!

We know that all of you put a great amount of thought into your "most-wanted" list for Christmas. We enjoyed checking out what technology-related goodness you all wanted to see under the tree on one of the most exciting days of the year. We sincerely hope you got everything you wished for - and with the announcement of our holiday contest winners here at TechLore, you just might!

That's especially true for one exciting reason:

We've decided that EVERYONE who posted to the thread is a winner! See the list of winners below:

How to Get Your Own Blog on

Got something to say? Want your very own soapbox to stand on and shout out your opinions? Want to report the latest happenings in technology? You can do all of this and more with your very own blog right here on!

Starting today, we are opening up blogging to the TechLore Community! Why buy a domain, find a host, go through all the effort and cost of promoting it, and handle all the maintenence when TechLore can handle it all for you... absolutely free. Best of all, TechLore already has thousands of visitors each and every day, so what you say will be heard, and that's what's most important.

How much is that Robopet doggy in the window?

Robots continue to seem to be appearing everywhere now in my life.  As I was walking past Radio Shack, the little Robopet caught my eye as I walked by.  Thought is was funny that they put the 'doggy' in the window.  I've played with him too, and he is pretty cute.  The kids love him as does my wife who doesn't want to get a 'real' doggy.  It's a good substitute for all.

By the way, you'll also notice that the picture is black and white.  For some reason, my Treo 650 won't take color pictures anymore.  Need to look into why. 

New Version of TechLore Released Today

In the never-ending effort to provide a better community environment, the TechLore Team has once again upgraded its community software. Take a look around the site to notice some of the many changes that we've made.

As always, if something doesn't quite work right or you have suggestions for improving your experience on TechLore, we hope that you will drop us a line by commenting on this thread or sending in feedback!

Thanks again for all of the past support

TechLore Makes Adding Images Easy

As many of our members are well aware, The TechLore Team has been working hard to make improvements to the community since our launch last December. We've received lots of feedback from members who've asked for an easy way to add images to their forum and discussion posts.

We've listened carefully, and have added our new TechLore Image Tool to all discussion areas. This new tool allows you to upload as many images as you wish and post them into your response. Even cooler is that images are saved per thread, so even if you come back to a discussion a week later, all the images you uploaded (whether they were posted or not) for that thread or discussion will be there in the tool screen.

How To Add an Image

Blogs Launched

Tonight was a big night for TechLore! In just over 4 months from our launch date, we are already on our fourth release of our custom-built community platform.
Several new features were released tonight on the website - The TechLore Blogs and subscriptions/notifications being the biggest of the bunch.

With the Blogs, accessible on the blog main menu, we hope to give you insight into the minds of several of our community experts. These bloggers will start appearing and blogging over the next days and weeks. We hope that you are enlightened by what they have to say and provide them with feedback through our discussion mechanism.

This TechLore Team blog in particular will give you an inside track into the inner workings of TechLore and the community itself.



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