Congratulations to the TechLore Holiday Contest Winners!

We know that all of you put a great amount of thought into your "most-wanted" list for Christmas. We enjoyed checking out what technology-related goodness you all wanted to see under the tree on one of the most exciting days of the year. We sincerely hope you got everything you wished for - and with the announcement of our holiday contest winners here at TechLore, you just might!

That's especially true for one exciting reason:

We've decided that EVERYONE who posted to the thread is a winner! See the list of winners below:

Grand Prize - Neuros OSD

  • Chris Miller

1st Prize - WowWee FlyTech Dragonfly

  • Zapdbf

2nd Prize - Monster iFreePlay Headphones

  • idahophil
  • panasyncolten
  • Larry Dillon

Thanks again for entering the TechLore Holiday Contest, and we hope you enjoy your new gadgets!



Dang, I wanted the flying robot! Oh well, I was not good enough this year I guess.

WOOT!  Thanks guys!  Y'all rock!

That's the second ifreeplay I have. Anyone need one?

wow two ifree's , you are quite the lucky guy

mine is gonna be snatched by the daughter (who's bday is today btw) as my ipod is one of the 8gb ones

thank you very much, you've made my day (and possibly my daughters lol..cus who knows with teenagers)

just wanted to let you know that today we got the headphones up here in canada and YES my daughter did nab them very quickly

thanks very much , I'm a great dad again lol


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