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CES: Audio Device Mari Will Want


CES: Coolest Unreleased Product In Dave’s Livingroom


TiVo To Add Jaman Video Downloads

jaman.pngMari’s favorite independent & foreign film download service is hooking up with TiVo… Later this year, Jaman will join Amazon Unbox on TiVo in bringing digital movie rentals to the TV.

An iPhone Question?

Let’s say I lose all self control in the near future, and accidentally pick up an iPhone (despite the lack of Exchange support)… What’s the most compact headphone adapter I could get? OR Which headphones should I replace my beloved entry-level Shures with? An on-line mic is not a requirement.

CES: Harmony One


After a looong time, Logitech is finally updating their Harmony remote line with the One. (The Harmony 1000 slab is a different product category as far as I’m concerned.) Given the extended gestation and $249 price point, I’m not particularly impressed. The remote looks and feels bulky.



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