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Netflix Streaming Arrives on PS3 Next Month


Kindle Experience Headed for the PC (and Mac)

Hands on with the GlideTV Navigator


GlideTV Navigator is the latest entrant into the HTPC, over-the-top video remote control space. And, after several days with a review unit, two things have surprised me… in a very positive way.

The MiFi Updates


Back in June, I traded in my Cradlepoint router and USB aircard for Sprint’s rendition of the MiFi to meet my mobile broadband needs. The combo aircard-WiFi access point has served me well in a variety of situations.

Pictures of the Day: The Xbox Social


Let them charge. Hulu can only improve.

Cash Register on White with Clipping Path

The interwebs are abuzz (OMG!) with Hulu’s confirmed exploration of paid tiers and pay-per-view, in addition to the current ad-supported video content model. News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch, as quoted by the Associated Press:



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