Netflix Streaming Arrives on PS3 Next Month


By way of the official Playstation blog, we learn that those Netflix surveys did indeed foreshadow the end of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 streaming exclusivity. Beginning next month, Netflix-subscribing PS3 owners will be treated to instant video streaming from their gaming console.

I’m not sure how the companies landed here, but the solution will be delivered via disc. Which isn’t nearly as elegant as Netflix on the Xbox. (And reminds me of running a web browser or Linux from disc on the Dreamcast eons ago.) However, this physical media play probably allowed Netflix to get the service to market quicker than the time required for direct XMB integration. Perhaps it was also a hedge against limited input from Sony, given the PS3’s existing strong video functionality (Blu-ray, VOD).

Netflix subscribers can request their free PS3 streaming disc here.

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